Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Boxycharm Subscription Unboxing!!

Boxycharm is the newest subscription service that I signed up for.  I have a few monthly beauty subscription.....Ipsy, Wal-Mart, and Esalon.

After watching December's unboxing on youtube, I was sold!!  So, let me give you a little information about this subscription service.  In each box, you will get 4 FULL SIZE items, and 1 luxury size item.  It is 21 dollars a month with FREE SHIPPING.  Unlike Ipsy, there is no wait list!  I actually signed up December 30th or 31st, and they sent me December's box out immediately.  I also got my January box on the 16th.  There is no contract with this subscription, so you can cancel anytime if you aren't happy.  You will get an email when your box ships, along with a tracking number.  They feature many brands, from drugstore to high end.  They also include beauty, nail, and haircare products.  Once you have tried out the items in your box, you can login to their website and review the products.  These reviews will give you charms, that you can redeem for full size products.  So, let's take a look at my first box, my December box.....

I knew what I would be getting with this box, because I saw it on youtube, which is why I subscribed.  I couldn't believe what all was included!!

This is exactly how my box was packed.  On top, they have a card telling what the theme is for that month's box.  On the back, you will find a list of the products, their description, and their retail value.

Underneath the card, everything was neatly packed on top of hot pink confetti.  I like this packaging better than Ipsy, because the products are more secure in the box, yet this box will still fit inside of a regular sized mail box.  It ships from USPS, so they will place it in your mailbox, which I think is nice, so you don't have to worry about them being exposed and maybe taken.

Here are all the items!  I got a beautiful pair of mink lashes (my very first pair), a travel kabuki brush, hair oil, lip gloss, and a 20 shadow full size palette!  The only item that was not full size is the hair oil, which I have used and really like.

Next on the list are the Eyelashi Mink Lashes.  I have always wanted to try mink lashes, but never have before.  They are definitely more expensive than your drugstore Ardell or Kiss lashes, but they are supposed to last up to 40 wears if you care for them properly.  I have not worn these yet.  I have a date night with my husband this weekend, so I am planning on trying them on Saturday.  They look full, dramatic, and beautiful.  This is a style I would pick out myself, so I am excited to see how they perform.  I really love the packaging for these.  The box is very sturdy and the lashes easily slide out on the one side.  You just pull the pink ribbon.  This case will be great for storing them after each use.

I don't get many brushes in my subscription boxes, so this was nice to receive!  Since this is a travel brush,  I have been keeping it in my bag.  I don't typically do touch ups throughout the day, but I like having it just in case.  Blush seems to be one of the first makeup products that fade throughout the day, so this brush would work well for reapplying.  The synthetic bristles are soft and I haven't had any fall out so far.

I have received Be A Bombshell products in my Ipsy bag before, though I haven't had this exact product.  I haven't worn this gloss yet, but I have never been a fan of their products.  I have always found it to be lower quality and the packaging feels so cheap.  I have only used the gloss applicator to swatch the color on my hand and the cap came off the tip.  The color is fine, though I can't comment on the wear and formula.  I suspect I'll be less than impressed with it, but we'll see!

And now for the main attraction!  This Revealed palette is really what convinced me to subscribe to the box.  You get 20 shadows in total.  Some are matte, some are satin, and some are shimmer finishes.  Oh My Goodness..... I love this palette!!  So much so, that this is the only thing I have worn on my eyes since I got it!!  There are so many colors, and you can easily come up with a plethora of looks.....day or night, natural or dramatic, it's all there.  The shades in this palette are supposed to basically be the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 palettes together.  I can't say that for sure, because I don't own either of those palettes (I have naked 3), but they do look quite similar.  You may think because this palette has 20 shadows in it, and that it isn't a high end brand, that it in some way must be substandard.  You would be wrong!  This is a great palette that not only has beautiful colors, but it also has high quality shadows.  They blend out beautifully and have little fall out.  This palette is thin and light, so it stores and travels easily.  The only thing this palette doesn't have that many high end palettes have is a mirror and brush.  Even if you don't have a boxycharm subscription, I would recommend picking up this palette from Coastal Scents!

There you have it!  My first Boxycharm Subscription box.  After receiving two boxes I can tell you that I will not be canceling my subscription anytime soon.  I think they offer higher quality products (most of which are full size) for a great price, and both boxes that I have received have had a retail value of around or over $100.  I love getting these beauty boxes delivered to my home.  I do my best on most months, to not find out what I am getting, because I love the surprise of it.  Both of my monthly subscriptions come mid month, and it's a nice pick me up.  I do think that BoxyCharm is a big step up from Ipsy, but it really just depends on how much you are willing to spend on a subscription box.  I will not be canceling my Ipsy, and I think it is a great starter box for those looking to try a monthly beauty subscription.

I hope you found this unboxing helpful.  If you have any questions, you can leave them below or send me a message.  I answer all questions ASAP.  If you are interested in Boxycharm, you can Click Here!  Hope everyone is having a great week!

                                                                                                                -XOXO Monique

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