Monday, October 28, 2013

Beauty Tip Of The Week - 7 Steps To Healthier Hair

For many years, I had a very short pixie.  I didn't pay too much attention to the care of it, because it was healthy from being cut so often.  Plus, I wasn't using a lot of heat styling on it.  Since I started growing my hair out, I have been taking very good care of it.  I didn't want longer hair, if it had dead ends, got thin, or looked dull and lifeless.  These are all things that I do daily and weekly.  I can say that it has definitely helped the look and feel of my hair.

We put our hair through so much, day after day.  Coloring, washing, blow drying, straightening, curling, etc.  It's a lot of damage!  So, here are a few ways to minimize the suffering.

1.  Don't wash your hair everyday.  Washing strips the hair of it's natural, conditioning, oils.  Your own are so much better than any conditioner you apply.  Find a good dry shampoo to hold you over between washing, and go as long as you can.  I really like the batiste dry shampoo.  You can find it at Walgreens.  You will probably find that your hair looks better a day or two after washing.  I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week.  Also, be careful when brushing/combing your hair while it is wet.  It is most fragile, and prone to breakage when wet.  Use a wide tooth comb to get out any tangles, and be gentle!  Don't rip through your hair, like you are mad at it!

2.  All of the heat styling that we do is extremely damaging.  When possible, let your hair air dry.  If you do blow it out, use a heat protectant, and a cooler setting.  Straightening and curling irons get extremely hot as well.  Use these tools as little as possible.  If you can choose your heat setting, use a lower one.

3.  Take supplements.  Prenatal vitamins and biotin are good supplements for your hair.  It can strengthen follicles, and encourage hair growth.  Of course, check with your doctor before adding any supplements.

4.  Apply Hair Masks.  Once a week, I use a good hair mask.  You can leave it on for only 30 mins, or as I do, overnight.  Purchase one that is specific to your hair type and needs.  There are also many all natural options, with many ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen!

5.  Wear your hair down more often.  If you have hair that you typically pull back, try wearing it down more.  Hair clasps and holders, tend to pull and tug at the hair, making it prone to breakage.  If you do need to wear it up, choose accessories that are easier on the hair, such as coated ponytail holders, instead of rubber bands.  Another option that I wear a lot is headbands.  They will pull the hair back from your face, while keeping breakage to a minimum, if at all.

6.  Use quality products, formulated for your hair type.  Finding products formulated for your hair type is half the battle.  Next, look at the ingredients.  Try to use products without sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde.  So many chemicals are used in beauty products, that this can be a hard find, but do a little research.  Your hair will thank you!

7.  Get regular trims.  Who wants long hair if it is damaged, split, and looks frail?  Not me!!  Getting regular trims is very important.  It keeps your hair healthier and more manageable.  Split ends will keep on splitting if not trimmed, which leads to dull, lifeless hair.

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  1. I love the dry shampoo called Dirty Secret by Rockstar it's so good and has a nice refreshing smell, but I also like it to help give your roots body.