Friday, August 23, 2013

Fall 2013 Makeup Trends

-  Bold Eyes (Cat & Smokey)

The smokey eye has been a popular look for a long time.  To help create this look, use a darker eyeshadow base, such as a color tattoo or paint pot.  If you don't have either, you can substitute a dark gel liner for the base.  I prefer to line my eyes with a kohl liner on top and bottom.  I also smudge and set the liner with a shadow overtop of it.

The cat eye is a classic eye look.  So many classic, beauty icons have adored this sexy look.  I have to say, of all the beauty techniques that I have learned, this one has been the hardest.  It takes time and practice, but there are a few tricks.  Do the eyes first, especially if you are starting out.  This way you can clean up your mistakes, without affecting the rest of your makeup.   You will get the best results with liquid or gel liner, though I prefer gel.  Use a thin liner brush and line your upper lash line.  For the flick, line the brush up with your lower lash line, at the corner of your eye.  Draw the line as if it were extending the lower lash line up.  Have the flick come to a point at the end.  Then go back and connect the flick to the top liner, making the liner thicker at the outer corner, and thinner at the inner corner.  I like to put the gel liner on the inside waterline of the inner corner.  If you make a mistake, keep a cotton swab and eye makeup remover handy, (but don't use the oil based eye remover).  Dip the cotton swab in the remover and fix any mistakes you may have.  This works as an eraser.  Then, you can do your foundation, and concealer to clean up the liner even more.  It takes practice, so be patient.

- Bold Lips (Red, Burgundy, Pink)

I love a bold lip!  I do pink all of the time, but just recently started experimenting with red.  With deep and bold shades, use a lip liner.  The lips have to be lined well to keep colors from moving and bleeding.  Plus, any mistake applying a dark shade, will definitely be noticed.  A lip liner helps keep the color in the lines.  To make lipstick last longer, line the entire lip.  You can also apply foundation to your lips, before lining and filling in.

-  Matte Skin and Minimal Makeup

I prefer a satin to matte finish for the skin, so I'm loving this trend!  I have noticed that several matte foundations have recently come out on the market.  Keep your skin type in mind.  If you are very dry, some matte foundations may attach to dry patches and cause flaking.  Try a day moisturizer underneath.    Be careful with the under eye area.  If you have fine lines or wrinkles, try a creamier concealer in this area.

-  Metallic Lids

Metallic eyeshadow is so pretty, especially for an evening look.  I love a metallic silver, copper, or bronze.  Try an eye pigment.  These usually have a lot of light reflecting properties.  Make sure you use a primer or eyeshadow base first.  The pigment is loose, and needs something to attach to for a long lasting look.

-  Bright Eyeliner

I started using bright eyeliners over the summer, and I really like them.  If you are a little hesitant, just line the upper or lower lash line.  If you line the lower lash line, apply black or brown to the top lash line.  Liner on the lower lash line only, is not flattering.  You can wear a liner only on the upper lash line, though.

-  Contoured Cheeks

I love a contoured face!  For a more sculpted look, start your bronzer, at the hairline, just above the ear. Bring the contour diagonally down toward the outer corner of your mouth, but stop when you are under the middle of your eye.  Do NOT bring it all the way to your mouth.  It's just unflattering and unnatural.  Also, opt for a matte bronzer with no shimmer at all.  I contour all of my face most of the time.  I will do a contouring post soon, because it makes a huge difference!

-  Strong Brows

I have very strong opinions about brows.  So, many women have problems with theirs, so here are a few tips.  Many women ignore their eyebrows all together.  This is a huge mistake!  Your eyebrows are the frame to your picture....your face!  So many women over pluck as well.  If there is one way to make yourself look older instantly, it's having brows that are too thin or drawn on.  Brow shapes come and go, like any other trend.  Try to make yours as natural as possible.  Here is a quick way to begin shaping your brows.  Take a pencil or the handle of an eyeshadow brush, line it vertically on each side of your nose.  Where the pencil hits between the eyes, is where your brows should start.  The arch should start above the pupil of your eye.  Take the pencil and line it up at the tip of your nose vertically,  and move it on the diagonal across your eye towards the temple.  This is where it should end.  Fill them in using a pencil or shadow, but shadow tends to look more natural.  Don't draw them in trying to make a shape that they aren't.  If you have unruly brows, use a clear gel to set them.

-  Tight Lining

I didn't always tight line, but I really do like it.  If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, opt for a hypoallergenic liner.  You will also need one that is waterproof.  To achieve this look, line the inner rims of your eye.  You can do upper and lower rims, or just one or the other.  Lining the upper lid, is known as invisible liner.  It defines the eye, and gives the illusion of a thicker lash line.  For the lower line, I use the traditional black or brown, but I also use a nude liner.  The darker liner, gives a more dramatic look.  If you have smaller eyes, you may not want to tight line both rims.  It could make your eyes appear smaller.  A nude liner, gives the appearance of an awake look, that refreshes the eye.  Rimmel Scandal Eyes has a great nude liner that is waterproof.  

-  Red Nails & Neutral Nails

Red nails are a classic, and nude nails give a natural, fresh look.  I love them both, but there are so many shades to choose from!  Look for shades that compliment your skin tone.

-  Graffiti Nails

This is a new trend for nails.  If you do your nails yourself, it is easiest to get this look by using the manicure stick ons.  Sally Hansen and Essie sell them at most drugstores.  These stickers are supposed to last at least a week.

Hopefully, there are one or two makeup trends that you would like to try.  Experiment with them, and have some fun with your makeup.  It's always fun to try a new look!

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