Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Determine Your Skin's Undertone

Until recently, I didn't know my skin's undertone or really how to figure it out.  I thought I was cool, when I am actually warm.  So, here are a few ways to help you determine your undertone.

-  Vein, Hair, and Eye Color
One way to determine your undertone is to look at your veins, on the underside of your forearm.  If they look bluish, you have a cool undertone.  If they look more green, then you have a warm skin tone.  Another determining factor is your natural eye and hair color.  Usually, cool toned people have blue, gray or green eyes with blond, brown, or black hair.  Warm toned people usually have hazel, brown, or black eyes with strawberry blond, red, brown or black hair.  Their hair also tends to have gold or red undertones.

-  Jewelry
You can also use jewelry to help you decide.  If you look better in white metals, (silver, white gold, platinum) then you probably have cool skin.  If you look better in yellow gold, then you probably have a warm tone.  If you look equally good in both, then you are neutral.

-  White Cloth Test
Another way to determine your undertone is the white cloth test.  Pull your hair back, and put a white cloth or shirt around your shoulders and neck.  If your skin looks blue or pink, you are cool.  If your skin looks yellow or peachy, you are warm.  neutrals tend to look greenish.

So, why do you need to know your skin's undertone?  Ever notice how some colors make you look washed out or tired?  Or when you wear a certain color, and you get compliments?  That's because of your undertone.  Knowing your undertone will help you determine which colors to wear when it comes to fashion and makeup.  Cool toned people look best in jewel tones, pinks, blues, pure white, and black.  Warm toned people look best in earth tones, like orange, green, yellow, red, and brown.

Now, just because one of your favorite colors doesn't necessarily compliment your skin tone, it doesn't mean that you can't wear it.  You just need to find a warmer or cooler shade, or wear that color below the waist, so it isn't near your face.  For example, when I went wedding dress shopping, every white dress I tried on looked horrible!  That's why I bought an off white dress.  I didn't know it at the time, but it was because I have a warm undertone.  I also love pink lipstick, but that is a cool color.  So, I try to buy pink lipsticks that have some coral in them for warmth, and try to stay away from the purple based pinks.  Knowing your undertone will also help you with picking your foundation color, which is typically the hardest thing to determine when choosing makeup colors. So, next time you're shopping, take in to account your undertones.  It makes a big difference!


  1. I had no idea what my undertone was or even how to figure it out until now. Interesting info!