Monday, May 11, 2015

My April Favorites!!

Mac Fanfare Lipstick (creme sheen) - I keep a running list of Mac products that I want to purchase.  The first 3 got knocked of my list during April, and I am so happy with all of them!  Fanfare is a an everyday neutral pink.  It is similar to the Fast Play color I have, but that one is definitely more brown.  Mac lipsticks have a great comfortable formula and so many finishes and colors.  Plus, they smell great!

Mac Lipstick: Impassioned (amplified) - I just love this color for the warmer months!  It is a deep, bright pink that makes a statement.  I love to go with a brighter lip, and a more neutral eye.  It is a fast, easy, on the go, summer look.

Fanfare & Impassioned

*wearing Impassioned

Mac Blush: Modern Mandarin - (satin) - A great summer blush color!  It is definitely orange, which I know is scary for a lot of people, but orange shades are actually very flattering.  If you have a warm skin tone, I think you would love this shade.  Mac blushes are one of my favorite products that they sell!

Too Faced Beauty Balm: Nude Glow - I don't have a large collection of BB creams.  I have come across a few that I like, but I really love this one!  I like a dewy/glowy finish, and that is exactly what it gives.  It is light coverage, and won't build up more than that.  I wear this on it's own on light makeup days, but I also love it as a primer under foundation.  It is great for a natural no makeup kind of look.  Perfect for summer!!

ELF Lifting Brow Pencil: Deep Brown - I wanted a simple, easy eyebrow pencil that gives a natural look.  While browsing ELF's website, I stumbled upon this pencil.  I had never known about it or heard any reviews.  It was only $2, so of course I was skeptical, but figured I wasn't out much if I didn't like it.  I have been happy with every product I have tried from ELF, but it still blows my mind how great and inexpensive they are!  This pencil is great!  It is a retractable pencil with a spooly on the end.  It is quick, easy, and gives my brows a finished look.  I don't have problems with it smudging or rubbing off either.  The only slight negative that I see, is that the pencil doesn't stay super sharp because it is retractable, but it is still easy to work with and doesn't change my brow look.

Olay Pro X Microdermabrasion+ - This is one of the best skin care finds for me in a long time!  I never had the Clarisonic, but have heard many reviews.  I was always curious about the Olay brand cleansing brush.  One evening, my mom and I were at Target browsing the makeup and skincare per usual, and ran across this item again.  It was on sale for $40, so we both picked one up.  I went home and used it that evening.  I immediately texted her and told her that I loved it!  She felt the same way. 2 1/2 weeks later while at my monthly esthetician appointment getting a facial, Kayla commented on how much smaller my pores were.  I thought they had gotten smaller, but thought maybe I was just overly excited about this product.  It comes with two heads.  One is a brush and one is a flat spongey material.  The brush is to be used with cleanser, and the sponge is to be used with a scrub.  A sample cleanser and scrub are included with the brush.  It has 3 setting, comes with batteries, and is very easy to switch out the heads.  I am so glad that I made this purchase, and always tell people about it when the topic of skincare comes up.  I think everyone would benefit from this brush, plus it is so much more affordable than the $150 Clarisonic.  Replacement heads can be purchased where ever Olay products are sold.

L'Oreal Overnight Mask - I found this at Walgreens in a sample size, so I decided to give it a try.  I hadn't even heard of these.  It is called a mask, which could make you believe that you need to wash it off, but you don't.  I put this on before bed.  It is a very thick consistency, but doesn't feel thick and heavy on my face.  I find it to be very moisturizing,  In the morning my skin just looks moisturized and fresh, but also feels very soft.  I will repurchase this product in a bigger size, especially for the winter months.

Neutrogena Ageless Intensive Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream - I have been wearing this cream day and night, and I really like it.  It is moisturizing, but not heavy so it can be worn under my makeup.  The under eye area can look extra wrinkly if it is dehydrated.  I feel like mine are always a little on the dry side, even though I have normal to oily skin.  You only need the smallest amount for each eye, so the tube will last a very long time.

Burberry Brit Perfume - A few weeks ago, I spent the day shopping with my mama.  I found a display of perfumes and loved the Burberry Brit.  Without me knowing, my mama bought it for me!  I was so surprised as to how she slipped that past me.  I have worn it everyday since, and am still in love.  The notes in this scent are Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almond, Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean.  According to Sephora, the style of this perfume is unique, sexy, and impulsive.

Celestial Seasoning's New Blueberry Tea - I found this tea during the month of April, and love it!  I love the flavor of blueberry, and this tea tastes like a blueberry muffin to me.  It is caffeine free, so I usually drink it in the evening before bed as a relaxing end to my day.

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