Friday, October 2, 2015

The Benefits Of Black Tea & Why Tea Is Such An Important Part Of My Life

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am a serious tea lover.  I first started drinking tea in college, but just here and there, and mostly in the evenings to calm me before bed.  Two years ago, I really started trying out different teas, and completely fell in love with it.  I started drinking it simply because I love the taste, and my heart is very sensitive to caffeine.  I didn't start drinking coffee till 32 or so, but it did give me heart palpitations on a regular basis and really started to irritate my stomach and make me very nauseous.  I don't miss my coffee in the least, and I love that by simply drinking something I love, I am helping my body be healthier.

We hear a lot about green tea and it's contributions to health, but rarely do we hear about the benefits of  black tea.  I drink all types of tea, but mostly green and black.  I love earl grey and english breakfast tea in the morning.  I haven't drank coffee in so long, the black tea gives me a little morning pick me up.  Aside from a little caffeine boost, these are some other reasons to add black tea to your diet.

For Oral Health - Black tea helps prevent plague and cavities.  The polyphenols found in black tea help kill bacteria and hinder the growth of bacterial enzymes that helps plague stick to the teeth.

For Bone Health - Some studies show that regular black tea consumption strengthens bones and helps  prevent arthritis because of the phytochemicals that it contains.

For Heart Health - Research shows that those who consume green and black tea daily and consume 3 or more cups per day, lower their risk of stroke by 21%.

Lowers Your Risk Of Diabetes - Research shows that regular consumption of 1 - 2 cups of black tea a day, lowers the risk of diabetes in the elderly.

For Stress Relief - Studies have shown that black tea can help you relax and concentrate. Black tea has also been shown to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone, with moderate daily consumption.

Boosts The Immune System - Black tea contains alkylamine antigens that boost the immune system, and helps fight viruses.

Increased Energy - While black tea has caffeine, it is much lower than most caffeinated beverages.  The low amounts increase blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart which can cause palpitations.  It also stimulates the metabolism, respiratory system, and kidneys.

Contains Antioxidants - Antioxidants are an anti-ager.  They help block DNA damage, and aid in cell turnover.

I have to say that drinking tea is just as much about the experience as it is the tea itself.  I love brewing loose leaf tea, and using a tea light to keep it warm.  It gives it such a pretty glow that I also find relaxing, especially at the end of the day.  I also love finding new teas, visiting local tea salons on the weekends, and getting tea tableware. I have a curio cabinet with my best stuff in it.  I have english and asian tea sets.  I love the delicate plates that come with it, along with the beautiful patterns.  I also love the little tea spoons that just add the perfect little touch.  Add a shortbread tea cookie, and.......perfection!  It is so nice to make tea for your loved ones and just sit in your kitchen or dining room and stop to relax and just spend time talking together.  With the way we live our lives today, it is nice to take the time to enjoy the experience and one another.  I was born way too late, it has always been very apparent to me, and taking the time for tea gives me a feeling of stepping back in time, slowing down, and appreciating the moment that I am in.  Not only does tea offer physical well being, but I also find it to provide mental and emotional well being.

If you are in the Columbus area and are interested in learning more about tea, and trying new teas, I would encourage you to check out some local tea salons.  I love going to Zen-Cha tea salon!  They have so many different types of tea.....English, German, Asian, African, and so on.  They offer a full menu, with brunch on the weekend, samples to taste, and a relaxing atmosphere.  I have also gained some good brewing information while speaking to the wait staff.  They have 3 locations.  One downtown, one in the short north, and one in Bexley.  We do have other tea salons in the area, but I like this one so much, that that is where I keep returning.  If you would like to visit Zen-Cha or get more info, you can visit them at

*Pictures from last weekend at Zen-Cha with my mama.

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