Monday, September 28, 2015

My September Favorites!

This month, I was on a no buy, so I got into my collection and tried some things that I haven't been using regularly.  Which is really why I wanted to do the no buy.  When you have a lot of makeup items, you tend to forget what you have and end up neglecting great products.  The downside was that we got a brand new Ulta in my town, so that was quite torturous for me!  Anyways, this is what I used over and over for the month of September.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette - I have had this palette for over a year now, maybe two, I'm not sure, and while I used it and liked it in the past, I just kind of forgot about it.  As the name indicates, these are all matte shadows.  There are 9 in all, and the colors range from white, to rich browns, and neutral grays.  The size of these shadows are actually quite large for being in a palette.  You get a good amount of product and quality shadows for a really good price!  This palette is great on it's own as well as a companion palette for shimmery eye shadow palettes.  It is also lightweight, has a full size mirror, and a magnetic closure.  With the range of colors, you can create so many great looks.  I bought my palette on Hautelook.  They have flash sales and The Balm is on there quite often.

Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach - I heard of this concealer from a youtuber that I have been watching for a long time.  I was interested in it, because I have pretty dark circles with some veining, especially under my left eye.  I wanted a correcting concealer to use under my regular eye concealer, because I had never tried one.  I have been using Maybelline's Dark Spot Eraser Concealer in Brightener for a very long time, and I think it is a fantastic product, but I use it after my concealer and it is a thin formula.  I wanted to see if I could find something that is a little thicker and really correcting.  This Pixi corrector is just that.  It is in a pot and it is much thicker than my Maybelline Dark Spot Eraser.  I apply it under my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer.  It is a salmony-peach color that blends well and really does a great job in correcting and brightening my dark under eyes.  I blend mine out with a damp beauty blender, which makes it very quick and easy.  I also set it with my favorite under eye setting powder, the NYX  Radiant Finishing Powder in Brighten.  You can find Pixi products at your local Target store.  I think it retailed for around $10 - $12.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Pencils - Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliners have been my favorite since I first tried them a few years back.  But over the summer, I didn't find myself wearing eyeliner.  I guess I just didn't want to mess with it because of the heat.  So, I either wore none or used shadow as liner.  Now that the weather is changing, I am reaching more for eyeliners and I remember why I love these pencils so much!  They are creamy, pigmented, have lots of shades, and last all day.  They are waterproof, so smearing or having watery eyes shouldn't affect the look.  They retail for around $5.

*If you are looking for a great lip pencil, try the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners.  They are also my favorite liner, with lots of great shades and a terrific formula!

Essential Oils - I have been using my essential oils for an array of things from health to skincare, and I have seen results and am really enjoying them.  I diffuse them, put them in oils for my skin, put them in all natural cleaners that I make at home, and use them with baking soda as all natural room deodorizers.  If you would like to learn more, please check out my recent blog post by clicking here!

Sleek Blush in Antique & Suede - This is my first Sleek Cosmetics purchase.  If you haven't hear of these, it is because they are a UK brand.  I have heard about them for a long time from youtube, and decided to order 2 blushes in August (I was sick in August and did my share of online shopping, which also prompted my no buy:))  I really like these colors for fall.  They are unique and unlike any other colors in my collection.  Since they came from the UK, the shipping did take longer, but the shipping cost was only $2, which I thought was excellent.  With shipping, I paid around $15 for both blushes.  I am very happy with my purchase, and would order again.  The only complaint that I have is that the packaging on these blushes is very hard to open.  I have to use my tweezers to pry it open, which is slightly irritating when you are getting ready, but it wouldn't keep me from buying from them in the future.  If you would like to see the Sleek Cosmetics line, go to

Suede & Antique 

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch Of Spice - I think this matte line came out last year, and I have to say that for someone like me, who isn't a fan of matte lipsticks, this is a really nice formula.  I know matte lipsticks are all the rage right now, but I find many formulas uncomfortable and very drying.  I don't have small lips, so mine tend to get chapped as it is.  Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the look of a matte finish.  I don't mind to wear it once in awhile, but I really prefer a creme finish that has some shine and is moisturizing.  Having said that, these lipsticks do not look, feel, or wear like a matte finish.  They are actually creamy, don't look drying, and last well on the lips.  Plus, I really love this color for the cooler weather.  I think it screams FALL!  If you haven't tried this formula or are someone who isn't in love with matte lipsticks.....try these.  I think you will be surprised!  These retail for around $6.

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