Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade Review!

I had seen a lot of tutorials using this product and loved the look it was giving, so I had to try it for myself!  The pomade comes in 5 colors....blonde, auburn, chocolate, dark brown, and ebony.  I chose dark brown for myself.  I do have blue black hair, but prefer to go a shade or two lighter for my brows to avoid them looking like they have been drawn in with a sharpie.  The rule of thumb is if you have dark hair go one to two shades lighter.  If you have light hair go one to two shades darker, but of course everyone likes their brows a certain way, so go with what works best for you.

Most beauty girls that I watch change their brow routines fairly often, and I have to say I have as well.  I find new techniques or products that I like and make changes.  My brow routine is completely different now than it was a year ago, and it shows!

Here is a pic of my old brows.....

Here is a pic of my brows now......

Now, I do recognize that my photography skills have greatly improved, but so have my brows and it is all because of this product.

I have very few holy grail products, but this is definitely one that I would not be able to live without!  It has completely changed my brow game.  In the photo about I used only the dip brow pomade and nothing else.  Sometimes I do use another product, it just depends on the look I am going for.  

I was a little concerned about working with a brow pomade, because I had never used a product like this.  Just let me say that a little goes a long way!  It has the consistency of a gel liner.  I use an angled brow brush to apply and brush through with a brow spooly.  This product does set, but I find that I have plenty of time to work with it, and yes, it is WATERPROOF!!  Hallelujah, no more looking in the mirror to find your brow is sliding off of your face!!

I think there is a bit of a learning curve with this product, and it will take a few times to really find your technique, simply because there isn't another product of its kind out there, but once you do, I am certain that you will be happy with the result.  You can find Anastasia Beverly Hills products at Ulta and Sephora.  It retails for $18, and does not come with an applicator.  Anastasia does sell a double ended brow brush and spooly in one if you are interested.  I have been using what I already have in my collection.  If you have been on the fence about this product, I hope my review helps.  If you would like to see my exact brow routine, please comment below and I will get that together for you!  I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!
                                                                                                                -XOXO Monique

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