Thursday, June 25, 2015

CND Vinylux Weekly Manicure Review!

I have been taking care of my nails since I was a young girl.  I have always wanted them pretty and painted.  I have also always been someone who rarely goes for a professional manicure.  I went through a six month stint, 5 years ago, where I got gel manicures.  The process of removing the gel polish destroyed my nails!  It took several months of horrible breakage before they were back to normal.  I haven't had a gel manicure since.

A few weeks ago, while visiting my longtime hairstylist, she gave me a bag of goodies.  Inside were two Vinylux polishes and top coat.  I had never heard of this product, and was excited to try them to see how they compare to the salon gel manicures that I used to get. Vinylux claims to be a weekly manicure very similar to a gel/shellac manicure, but without the nail light.

No base coat is needed.  Application is the same as if you were doing a traditional manicure.  I applied 2 - 3 coats (which I always do).  It applied very smooth and even.  I had no streaking or bubbles!  Bubbles are something that I am always dealing with, and get very frustrated by.  The brush is a great sized that allows me to apply to the cuticle without getting any on the cuticle, which just looks so sloppy.  The coats dried quickly, quicker than traditional polish, and I then applied two layers of top coat.  The top coat dried and set as quickly as the polish.  My nails looked so smooth, shiny, and just as great as if I had went to the salon!!

Vinylux in Tropix

So, how long did my manicure last??

8 days after application

13 days after application

As you can see, I had NO CHIPPING, just grow out.  I am so happy with the at home gel manicure that I can't wait to purchase more.  I spend so much time on skincare, makeup, fitness, haircare, and nails.  I am ecstatic to find something that will cut back on some of my beauty time!  

You can purchase vinylux at Ulta or, and  They retail for around $10 a piece, and they offer 90 colors to choose from!

This week's mani and pedi in Crushed Rose

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