Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nails Of The Week - How To: French Manicure

Products Used - 
Up & Up Nail Polish Drying Spray
Kiss Nail Dress - French Manicure
Zoya Polish - Mia
Maybelline Color Show - Clear

 The Kiss appliqués I found at Target.  One side is a regular french manicure, while the others have little rhinestones around the white tip.  40 appliqués per box, along with a file.

1.  File and buff nails.

2.  Apply 2 coats of a nude color, of your choice.

3.  Spray drying spray after each coat.

4.  Pick appliqué that best fits your nail size, peel, and apply.

5.  Smooth applique, and file off the extra length from the tip of the nail.

6.  Apply two coats of a clear glossy coat, and spray drying spray.

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