Thursday, May 8, 2014

Product Review: AVIVA Hair Revitalizer - Advanced Hair Growth System

I was so excited to be chosen to try and review this product!  You may or may not know this, but I have had short to very short hair for many years.  I started growing it out quite awhile ago.  Since doing so, I care for my hair so differently.  I am doing things that I have never done before!  When it was super short (think Halle Berry short), I got it cut every 4 weeks, washed it, and styled it.  That was it.  I wasn't worried about growth or split ends.  Now, I am.  I have been taking biotin for a year or so, I use a weekly hair mask, cleanse my hair with Wen products, use heat protectors, other styling products, and hair tools.  I still go in for regular trimmings, but my hair care has many more steps now.  I want it to be healthy, thick, shiny, and continue to grow.  Before I started taking the Aviva supplements, I stopped my biotin.  Nothing else has changed.  I have to say within 2 weeks, I was seeing growth and added thickness!  Here are some before and after pictures

                Taken April 4th

                Taken April 26th

You can see, not only is my hair longer, but thicker!  I styled it the same way in both pics, and used the same products.  These supplements are the only changes that I have made to my hair routine.  I do take them faithfully.  I have a 2 months supply.  I will show my results again, once my two months is up!

So, how do these supplements provide such great results?  AVIVA uses a proprietary dual complex of Pentaflex HGF and Tetra HHL, that works with your hairs natural cycle to stimulate healthy growth from within - up to 6mm beneath the scalps surface - enriching and enhancing stronger, thicker, and more beautiful-looking hair.  Even if you aren't experiencing any hair issues, AVIVA can help make your hair more beautiful and healthy!  Other beneficial ingredients include, vitamin B5, folic acid, vitamin H (biotin), silica, iron, zinc, and iodine.  AVIVA is all DRUG FREE, all natural, and fish free.

I am so excited to share this product with you!  I know so many woman suffer from thin, lifeless, dull, and damaged hair.  I also know that a lot of women experience hair loss, which causes a lot of emotional stress.  If you have been looking for a product to help beautify your hair, give it a try.  I believe you will see quick results as I have.  I can't wait to show you my follow up pics, once I hit the 2 month mark!

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