Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wet N Wild FOTD - Eyes, Cheeks, & Lips

While shopping at my local drugstore, I found 2 new Wet N Wild Products.  A new 8 pan eye shadow palette, and a bronzer/blush combo.

The eyeshadow palette is called Flirting At The After Party & the bronzer and blush is called Dusk Till Dawn.  I'm not positive, but I am thinking that these are going to be limited edition.  You should be able to find them at most of your local drugstores.  I found mine at Walgreens.  The palette was $4.99 and I believe the bronzer/blush was $2.99.

This is the look that I came up with.  I did no contouring, and didn't use any eye liner.  The only highlighting I did was with my under eye concealer.  It was a quick and easy look.  The lipstick color I used is Wet N Wild's Dollhouse Pink.  It is a very bold lip color, but I think it is great for the summer!

I love to show that you can get a great look with inexpensive drugstore makeup.  A few tips....use an eyeshadow primer.  I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but Milani has a great one, if you are looking for a drugstore alternative.  I do love the Maybelline Color Tattoos as a base, as well.  In a pinch, use a little bit of concealer.  Want to line your eyes, but don't have a purple eyeliner?  Use a smudge brush, and an eye shadow color from the palette to smudge along the lower and upper lash lines.  That's what I did!  Apply your mascara as close to the base as possible.  It will look like you lined your eyes also.  Need a lip liner, but don't have a color to match?  Use a small lip brush to line your lips with the lipstick you are using, then fill them in. 

As I've said before,  you don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve a great look.  My eyeshadows, bronzer/blush, and lipstick only totaled $10!  Experiment a little, try some new things, and have some fun playing dress up for the day.  That's what makeup is all about!!  

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