Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review - Live Love Dew's New Slick Lip Dew Natural Lip Gloss

From top to bottom - Black Cherry, Sundewed, Dew Love Pink, and Tequila Sunrise

Live Love Dew is starting to venture out into makeup, and I am so glad, because I love their skin care and all natural makeup is definitely hard to find!  They do have Tinted Lip Dews, but these are different.

Let me start by saying that I have worn these for two weeks, so they have been thoroughly tested.  There are six colors to choose from.  I tested out Black Cherry, Dew Love Pink, Sundewed, and Tequila Sunrise.  They also offer Clear and Plum Wine.

So, let's look at the colors......

Black Cherry

Black Cherry With A Pink Lip Liner

Dew Love Pink

Dew Love Pink With A Pink Lip Liner

Sundewed (darker neutral shade)

Sundewed With A Neutral Lip Liner

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise With A Neutral Lip Pencil

As you can see, these glosses give a sheer wash of color and a lot of shine.  You can deepen the color if you like by using a lip pencil.  These would also be great to top off any of your favorite lipstick colors.  The slick Lip Dew's are very moisturizing and hydrating.  There is no thickness or stickiness like so many lip glosses. 

 These are lightweight, sheer,  and easy to apply.  I love to throw these in my bag for a quick application on the go!  They have a hint of peppermint oil, which naturally plumps the lips, and makes them look fuller.  It also brings out your natural lip color, because it encourages blood flow to that area.  After application, you will feel a SLIGHT tingle.  It is in no way irritating like some lip plumpers I have tried.  Because there is no stickiness to this formula, these are not a long lasting gloss, so you will need to reapply throughout the day.  

I think these are perfect for preteens and teens, who are just starting to experiment with makeup.  I also think these are great for a more natural everyday look.  They are versatile, and you can get so many different looks depending on how you choose to wear them.  

I am wearing the black cherry with a lipliner, for my recent natural face of the day.

Be on the watch for 3 - 4 more colors to be released!  These are currently available to order online at, and at any events/shows that Live Love Dew attends.  They typically retail for $10.00 a piece, but try them now at an introductory price of $8.50.  If you have never worn natural makeup or natural lip glosses, this is a great product to try!

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