Monday, September 21, 2015

How I Use Essential Oils

I started using and learning about essential oils almost 10 months ago.  I am a skeptic about everything, and essential oils were no different.  Last October, I got really sick.  I was sick for 4 months, and had been to the doctor 3 times.  I was on 3 different antibiotics, and nothing made me well.  I was told that if the last antibiotic didn't work, I was going to have to see a specialist.  Not wanting to do that, I researched essential oils.  I used my netti pot twice a day to clear out my nasal passages.  I also used Doterra's Breathe blend of essential oils.  I put it in my diffuser and diffused it the entire day.  I also applied it topically.  Within a few days I was feeling better, and actually made a full recovery without any more prescription drugs.

Then, in August, I got really sick with my seasonal allergies due to ragweed.  My face swelled up like a big, red balloon, I was on 2 different steroids, and sick and in bed for 2 1/2 weeks.  It was horrible, and I am still trying to get back to my full energy levels.  This last bout was so bad that I decided to dig deeper into researching all I could do to keep my allergies at bay.  Again, I turned to essential oils remembering how they had helped me over the winter.  I researched online and got many books on the subject from the library.  I learned that peppermint, lavender, and lemon are very helpful in treating allergy symptoms, and I currently use them daily.

Another ailment that I help treat with essential oils is insomnia.  I have had it for 13 years now.  It goes from really bad to sleeping fairly well, but it is never gone.  I use lavender and frankincense to treat my insomnia and to also calm and relax me for the evening or when I know I will be in  a stressful situation or one that brings me anxiety.  Both oils are also good for pms and menopausal symptoms also.

Another benefit to lavender and frankincense is that they are great for the skin.  They help in treating skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema (I have both), and dermatitis, as well as with anti aging.  I use them daily on my body and face.

When I am feeling tired during my day or just feel like I can't focus, I use lemon.  Lemon helps with energy and mental alertness.  When I am in a hurry I will put a few drops of lemon into my palms, cup my hands over my nose and mouth,  and take 4-6 deep breaths.

I am not a big headache person, but I do get them from time to time.  When I do, I use peppermint to aid in my relief.  I try the oil first, before I turn to Ibueprofen or aspirin.

Recently, my son has been congested from his seasonal allergies.  Instead of using Vick's Vapor Rub, I use eucalyptus mixed with coconut oil and rub it on his chest and the bottoms of his feet.  I also diffuse it in his room.

Another oil that I use a lot is tea tree oil.  It is a natural antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial oil.  I use this for any cuts, insect bites, skin abrasions, acne, or when I feel a bump from my psoriasis coming.  I apply the oil directly to the area a few times a day, and it is always better by the end of the day.  Any pimple that I have coming, will never fully surface if I get the oil on it quick enough.  I also have my son use it for his breakouts.  I get fever blisters once in awhile, and I will also be trying tea tree oil for those as well.

There are a lot of essential oils and a lot of benefits from each one.  Whatever your ailment is, research which essential oil is best for you.  There are a few ways in which you can use your oils.  The most popular one is probably diffusing it.  I have bought both of my diffusers on amazon, and am very happy with them.  You fill them with water and a few drops of oil, and turn it on in whatever room you will be in.  You can stand over the diffuser for a few seconds, just to breathe it in, but having it dispersed throughout the day in your room is quite beneficial.  I also wear a diffuser necklace everyday.  I had never heard of or seen these before, but stumbled upon them while searching for room diffusers on amazon.  It is really the same concept as a room diffuser, but it is mobile, so wherever you are, you don't have to be without your oils.  The diffuser is actually a locket, that holds a small felt type piece of fabric.  You put a drop or two of the essential oil of your choice on the fabric and keep it in the locket.  The locket has holes so you will be inhaling the benefits of the oil.  When you wear it, you won't get a whiff of the oil with every single breath, but it is something that you notice here and there.  It is not annoying or overwhelming, and I think I am pretty sensitive to smells.  My mom and son loved mine so much that I bought each of them one, and they wear it pretty much everyday.

Another way I use my oils is with a carrier oil.  The carrier oils that I choose are extra virgin olive oil and organic expeller pressed coconut oil.  For many years, I have used these oils on my skin.  Now, I add a few drops of my chosen essential oil and apply it on my face, body or both. Typical places that are used for application are behind the ears, the bottom of the neck, and the bottoms of the feet.  I use my oils on all these places and more, depending on my ailment.  I have made up mason jars with my essential oils and carrier oil that I keep marked and in my night stand for daily use.  I also bought roller balls on amazon to make oils that I can have with me on the go.  I have made 4 different varieties and have them in my purse at all times.  Some oils can be applied directly to the skin, but some are too strong for that and can irritate the skin, like peppermint and eucalyptus.  Before applying any oil directly to the skin without using a carrier oil, test it on a small area of the skin to make sure you don't get irritated by it.

If you make a batch of oils, put them in a dark or colored glass container, or keep them out of light.  The light can weaken the benefits of the essential oil.

*  Some oils can also be consumed, but those oils need to be of very high quality and you should consult with your physician before doing so.  

These are the oils that I use the most and how I use them.  This is just a quick overview.  I encourage you to do your own research online or from the library.  There is so much great information out there on the subject.  If you can use at least one oil for one ailment instead of prescription meds or over the counter drugs, that cost a lot in terms of money and potential side effects, I think it is worth it.  Do you use essential oils?  If so, which ones and for what ailment?  Leave any comments or questions you have below, I would love to hear from you!

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