Thursday, April 9, 2015

Drugstore Products That Are As Good As High End!!

I wanted to do this post for people who are really watching their budget, or just don't have higher end makeup in their area.  I am a drugstore girl at heart.  I didn't purchase any high end makeup until 2 years or so ago.  I love drugstore products and always will!  Here is a list of my favorite drugstore products, where if it was in high end packaging, you would never believe it was an affordable drugstore product!  Why spend more if you don't need to??

~  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Brightener - This has been a holy grail favorite of mine since I first tried it years ago.  I definitely have circles, but not bags.  My circles have gotten worse with age, and I have been battling insomnia for 12 years, which doesn't help the situation.  I use at least 2 concealers, sometimes 3.  This is the only brightening concealer that I use, because it does exactly what it is meant to do.....brighten!  It has a very thin but pigmented formula, that blends in quickly.  It is very pink, which really cancels out the blue under the eyes.  I do my prolong wear concealer first, and apply the Instant Age Rewind Concealer, followed by my NYX Radiant  Finishing Powder in Brightening.  I can't live without this concealer.  I always have a back up!

~  L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation - This is my newest foundation purchase.  I watched a lot of reviews before purchasing.  My hesitation was the that it is a matte finish.  I prefer a natural to luminous finish.  I didn't want it to be matte, flat, and have no dimension.  This foundation doesn't look like that at all!  It has a natural to semi matte finish on me.  If you are very dry or very oily, it may look different on you.  I have normal to oily combo skin.  Mine has been very normal for many months, but I can already see my t zone starting to get oily with the weather change.  This foundation stays in place, without looking too oily or too matte.  If I want my luminous look, I either add Mac's Strobe Cream under my foundation or a powder highlighter.  That way I have my luminosity without looking oily or my foundation breaking down.  It has great staying power, so I believe it will hold up well in the summer months.  This product is on the higher end for a drugstore foundation.  I have seen it anywhere from $11-$15, but it's performance makes it worth the higher price point.

~  L'Oreal Infallible Setting Spray - There aren't many drugstore setting sprays, so I was happy to hear of this one.  It's performance is outstanding!!  Not only will it increase your foundations wear time, but it will also help to minimize a cakey looking face, that can happen by using too many powder products.  This too is on the high side for a drugstore purchase (up to $15), but if your makeup lasts from morning to night without touchups, like mine, it is worth every dollar!

~  L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows - These shadows have been out for years, and I have yet to find anything quite like them.  They are a pressed pigment.  They have the intensity of a pigment, but they aren't as messy.  They have a creaminess to them, that makes them stick better than a regular pigment.  I still like to wear them with a color tattoo underneath, but it isn't necessary.  The longevity of these shadows are amazing, and I have never had one crease on me.  I have most of the colors in this line, and have never been disappointed with any of them.  I think these are great to add to any eye look, but they are just as great on their own!  I like to apply the shadow to my lid using a flat shadow brush,  then take a fluffy blending brush and blend it out into my crease.  It is a fast, everyday look that looks great.  I love to use the color Amber Rush for the one shadow look.  It is a beautiful rose gold that is flattering for all eye colors!  If you only buy one, I highly recommend Amber Rush!!

I feel like this picture isn't doing the shadow justice.  It has a beautiful metallic/duo chrome sheen to it.  Not all of the shades have this finish.  Some are matte also.

~  Milani Baked Blushes - Up until a few years ago, I was not at all familiar with Milani products.  They have such a great line with so many beautiful products, but in my opinion, their blushes are the best!  They have a smooth silky texture.  I  have most of the colors, and I love all of them!  My absolute favorite though would have to be Luminoso.  It is a pinky peach with gold shimmer.  It is so beautiful, and flatters everyone!  Most of the baked blushes have shimmer in them, so they also give a highlighted/glowy affect, but it isn't too much.  They also have two matte baked shadows that are great for anyone who doesn't like a shimmery blush.  These blushes are very pigmented, so keep that in mind when applying.

*Colors from left to right & top to bottom - Fantastico Mauve, Red Vino, Delizioso Pink (matte), Luminoso, & Dolce Pink

~  Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation - I love this stuff!!!  It is my favorite drugstore foundation, ever!  It has a full coverage, and lasts soooo long.  I can't sweat this stuff off if I want to!  It is a thicker formula, but that doesn't bother me.  It doesn't get cakey.  It has a natural finish.  It didn't break me out or cause me to get oily.  This product is great for long summer days, super long days that you want your makeup to last, and for a full coverage night out.  I have Estee Lauder Double Wear, and I like this foundation just as much......if not better!!  It comes in a glass jar, which sets it apart from other drugstore packaging.  Some may not like that, because it doesn't have a pump, but it is too whipped/thick for a pump.  Also, this way you are sure to get out all the product.  I feel like a lot of foundation is wasted in other packaging.

~  L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara - All of last year, this mascara was my love!  I had tried a few high end mascaras and were never impressed.  I have always liked L'Oreal's mascaras, and I really fell in love with this one.  It is neither too wet nor too dry.  I am not a fan of the wet formulas.  It lengthens, separates and gives volume.  It never clumps or flakes on me either.  Some mascaras are good for one thing or the other, but this is a great all around mascara that you can find for around $8.

~  Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blushes - I have four of these shades, and all are beautiful!  I have posted about these before, but they are worth mentioning time and time again.  If you don't like a shimmer or highlight, you will not like these.  If you do, you will absolutely love them!  These are a great 2 in 1 product, perfect for a quick look.  They are also great used as a topper over your favorite blush.  I use my coral one the most, but all of them are very pretty.  The only ones I don't have are the nude and light bronze.  I have heard that the nude one is a dupe for Mac's soft & gentle, which I LOVE and own, but I haven't tested that out for myself.

*Colors from left to right & top to bottom - pink rose, deep bronze, mauve, and coral.

High end makeup has it's place.  I love it.  I love the packaging and more luxurious feel, but I feel like these drugstore products are beautiful, and perform just as well.  Many times, you can find drugstore dupes for high end makeup, but the difference is usually in the formula, packaging, and longevity.  Aside from some packaging, I don't think these products are lacking in any way.

* Remember, always keep your receipt for your makeup purchases.  If you are unhappy with the product, or the color just doesn't suit you, you can always return for a replacement or refund.  Don't waste your money on products you won't use!  Are there any drugstore products that you feel are just as good as high end or better?

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