Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My February & March Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites!


Tarte Bronzing Serum- I received this full size product in one of my boxycharm boxes.  It is a light self tanner for the face that gives a gradual, subtle color that is not orangey.  It dries so quickly that I can put it on right before my makeup application.  I apply a thin layer to my face and neck, and in no time it is dry, so I can complete my look.  As with all self tanners, you want to thoroughly wash your hands after application.  This will give you a natural tan color, but not a deep full on tan.  Just a nice sun kissed glow with no streaking!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- I know I am late to the chocolate bar party, but I found such a good deal on HSN that I just couldn't pass it up any longer!  I received the palette, Better Than Sex Mascara, Shadow Insurance Eye Primer, and LA Creme Lip Cream all for $48, plus easy pays!  I got it for the palette, but all the products are great.  I also found one of my holy grail mascaras!!  This palette comes with 16 colors that are mostly neutrals, but there are some in the purple/pink/burgundy family.  The colors range in finishes from matte to satin, and shimmer also.  With so many colors and finishes, you can come up with a multitude of beautiful looks for everyday, work, weekends, or evening/holidays.  The palette alone is $48, and well worth it in my opinion, but with the bonuses, it knocks it outta the park!  Whether you are a beginner or professional with your makeup application, you won't be disappointed.  Always check HSN and QVC for awesome beauty deals!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- This mascara.....Oh My Gosh!!  If you have read most of my previous posts about mascara, you know that I have always been a drugstore mascara girl.  I never really found anything high end that I was impressed with until January.  In January I found the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara.  I instantly fell in love with it!  Then in February I got the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and I hit the jackpot AGAIN!  It is very different from the Tarte, but equally as good.  Paired together.....BEAUTIFUL!  They both do very specific things.  The Too Faced is a lengthening and volumizing formula that is dryer (I'm not into really wet formulas), but not too dry.  I have posted pics on my IG and FB accounts using both, and the results are undeniable.  I haven't worn false lashes or felt like I need to.  I could say so much, but soon I will do a mascara routine post to really get into the details of the formulas, steps, and application techniques.  Better Than Sex Mascara retails for $23.

*Results using the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (2 coats) and Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara (1 coat)

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation- This is L'Oreal's newest foundation.  I had heard several reviews, so I wanted to try it out for myself.  I loved it from the first time I used it!  It is a medium coverage foundation that is somewhat buildable, with a satin/semi matte finish.  It is very long wearing, doesn't oxidize, or break down on my skin.  Whenever I wear this makeup, my mom always asks, "What foundation are you wearing?"  It doesn't cake or settle into fine lines or pores.  It is on the higher price point for a drugstore foundation, around $12, but it worth the price without a doubt!  If you are looking for a medium coverage, natural finish, long wearing, affordable, everyday foundation, this fits the bill!

L'Oreal Infallible Makeup Setting Spray- What a drugstore gem this is!  The drugstore doesn't make many setting sprays.....ELF and NYX are the only brands I can think of.  I have the elf, and it is ok.  I haven't tried the NYX, but this one is fabulous!  I use around 3 sprays to lightly mist my face once all of my makeup is done, and everything stays so nice!  This is great for everyday, but will especially be  nice in the warmer months.  Not only does my foundation stay in place, but my blush stays just as vibrant throughout the day, which is usually the first product to fade.  It is pricier for the drugstore at around $14, but is worth every penny!

Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder- I was looking for a face powder that not only would set my makeup, but would give extra coverage as well.  This is the first Too Faced powder that I have used and it is great!  It sets, adds coverage, but never makes my skin look cakey, dull, or too matte.  I have used it almost everyday that I wear makeup since purchasing.  I even throw it in my purse, just in case.  I rarely do touch ups, but just feel better knowing it is with me :)  I apply mine with a big fluffy brush, and it really gives me a flawless finish.

*I am wearing the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and Setting Spray, along with the Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder.  This pic was taken at the END of my day last weekend.  This is what it looked like after 9 1/2 hours of wear with NO touch ups!  I am also wearing the Chocolate Bar Palette on my eyes, along with the Better Than Sex Mascara & Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes Mascara, my favorite combo!

Tarte Maracuja Oil- I received a sample of this in my Ipsy Bag.  At my core, I am a skin care girl.  I believe in it and practice it daily.  The benefits are undeniable.  I have tried a plethora of products since I started my routine at 11 years old, that's 26 years of experimentation!  And I really like the Maracuja Oil.  I used it as my final step before bed.  It is an oil, so you only need a small amount.  Overnight, it soaks into the skin.  In the morning, your skin is so soft and supple looking!  It really gives a youthful appearance.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2- One of my more recent posts was my 10 minute makeup routine.  In my makeup bag, I keep all of the essentials for a quick, yet put together look.  In February I used the Naked Basics 2.  It is a very small and compact palette great for your bag or travel, and has everything you need for a basic everyday eye or smokey eye.  The palette is a cooler version than the first Naked Basics, but the quality is what you expect from UD.  Having this in my bag made my eye looks quick, simple, yet polished.  I even used the shadows as my liners.  If you would like to see my previous in depth review, Click Here!


The Mentalist-  A few months back, I went through all the criminal minds seasons.  After that I started, The Mentalist.  I have watched it since it first aired, but wanted to go back and watch it again, because you forget a lot.  Plus, I love Patrick Jane!  I got my mom to watch it with me, and she quickly became addicted!  It's just something we enjoy doing together.  I got most of the seasons from my library.  It isn't on netflix or hulu :(

Guns N Roses T Shirt- I found this at forever 21, and love it!  I collect rock t shirts and sweatshirt. This one I love in particular, because it is very soft and light weight.  All of the rock t shirts and sweatshirts that I have bought from Forever 21 have been so soft and comfy.  You can really wear this year around.  I love throwing this on for errand running or going to the movies.

Purse Organzier- For my birthday, my mom bought me a Michael Kors bag.  I love it, but it is just one big bag with one zipper and two slide pockets.  It is actually a tote, so you could lose a lot of your stuff in it.  I found on amazon a purse organizer that was very inexpensive, and really works!  It keeps everything so organized, plus now it is even easier to change to a different purse.  I found mine on Amazon for around $8.

Jari Love Ripped & Chiseled Weight Training Workout- I have been doing Jari Love workouts for many years, and I have never done a workout like it.  It is all weight training, but it's different.  It isn't conventional weight lifting.  She really breaks down the muscle to make it stronger and leaner.  She plays with the counts on the eccentric and concentric movements.  So, when you are lifting you may lift for four counts and lower for two counts, and vice versa.  She also does a lot of pulses, which really burns, and isometric holds.  If this sounds complicated to you, it's not!  But this is a very challenging workout.  It is good for beginners to advanced, because you can start doing these exercises with little to no weight at all.  She does A LOT of reps per exercise.  Around 100 to 120 for most of them, so you can't lift the same weight that you normally would obviously, but you will definitely be challenging those muscles!  The most important thing in this workout, or any weight training workout, is your form.  If you don't have proper form, you are likely to injure yourself.  She does give instructions on form, but you may want to watch the workout before doing it, which is what I did years ago.  If you want a challenge and results, this will do it!!

If you have any questions, please leave them below.  Have a great week!

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