Thursday, April 16, 2015


COUPONS - Of course we all know about coupons, but you need to know how to get the most bang for your buck!  Stores like Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid, take their store coupons along with manufacturer's coupons so you can stack them up on the same item.  If it is a sale item that week, you get an even better savings.

EBATES.COM - This is a website that you go to first before making online purchases.  It is free to sign up.  They give cash back on your online purchases, and send you a check quarterly for those purchases.  They work with hundreds of stores, and you can still use your coupon codes on the stores site.  It is super easy, just Click Here!

SIGN UP FOR THE STORE'S EMAILS - This will increase your daily email load, but you can really get some great savings this way.  They will contact you with sales, coupon codes, and/or free shipping.

KOHLS CASH & REWARDS CARD - Most of us are familiar with Kohl's Cash.  For every $50 you spend, you get $10 in free Kohl's money to use at a later date.  They have recently come out with their own rewards program as well.  You get one point for every dollar spent.  Once you reach 100 points, you get a $5 coupon.  Kohl's sells everything, including makeup.  I have seen Lorac and The Balm there, along with their regular brands.

WATCH THE WEEKLY ADS FOR UPCOMING SALES OF ITEMS ALREADY PURCHASED - Every store has a different policy on how long they will do this, but if you buy an item and in the next week or two it goes on sale, go back to the store with your receipt.  They will give you the difference.

CARTWHEEL FOR TARGET, TARGET.COM COUPONS & THE RED CARD - Cartwheel is an app that has coupons in every category.  You can also print lots of coupons from  If you sign up for the red card, you get 10% off your first purchase, 5% off all other purchases, free shipping from, and an extra thirty days for return.

COUPON.COM - Last week, I knew I would be going to CVS for a few things.  I didn't have a lot of makeup coupons, so I went to to find what I wanted and printed it off.  It was so easy!  I combined them with the CVS coupons that printed from the kiosk in the store and saved 60%!

GROUPON.COM - Always check on groupon!  They have makeup and beauty services.  If I know we are going out to dinner, I always try to check their deals also.

ULTA & SEPHORA REWARDS - Ulta and Sephora both have rewards programs.  If you spend a certain amount per year, you can also be able to get an extra percentage off during certain sales of the year at Sephora.  Ulta always has $3.50 off coupons online and in their monthly flier/magazine.

COUPONMOM.COM - This is really a great site.  Not only does it tell you what is on sale each week, but it also tells you where to go and which coupons to use for the best deals.

ASK FOR SAMPLES - Sephora and Ulta do have samples for a lot of products, so don't be afraid to ask if you are unsure of a purchase?  Looking for a new foundation?  Most high end brands will apply  for you to try in store and/or you can get a sample to try on your own.

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT - Foundation color a little off or just not liking that bright lipstick?  Take it back!  Most places high end or drugstore, will take back gently used products if you have a receipt.

BIG LOTS & DOLLAR STORES - Don't forget about these stores!  They have heavily discounted drugstore makeup every single day!

BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTIONS - I have five or so beauty subscription box services.  For a low monthly fee, you get a box of beauty goodies delivered to your door.  Every month is different.  I have been able to try a lot of products, that I had never tried or even heard of before.  Many of these subscription services send coupons, offer deals, and have a points/reward system that can get you free product by referrals or reviewing what you have tried.

RECYCLE OLD MAC, KEIHL'S, AND LUSH PACKAGING - These companies accept some old packaging with the incentive being free product.

BUY A Z PALETTE - If you have a Z palette, you can buy makeup that is the the pan only, from companies who offer it.  That way your makeup is easier to store, and you save a few dollars on each eyeshadow and blush.

CHECK YOUR PRICE PER OUNCES - It isn't always cheaper to buy the larger size of an item.  I ran into this recently with Mac's strobe cream.  I could buy 3 of the smaller sizes, and get more product cheaper, than buying the full size.

FIND DRUGSTORE DUPES FOR HIGH END PRODUCTS - You can search online, and especially youtube for dupes on high end products.  I love watching dupe videos.  If you are on a budget or just don't have a lot of high end makeup in your area, you can still get the look for a lot less!

HAUTELOOK.COM - Is a site that does flash sales for 3 days.  Every day they get new brands of beauty products, clothes, shoes, home fashion, jewelry, etc.  I have bought and seen a ton of high end brands on this site.  Some can sell out quickly though.  The sales start at 11 am eastern time, so you want to check them out as close to that time as possible.

DISCOUNT CODES FROM YOUTUBERS - I love my youtube beauty girls!  I watch them everyday, and communicate with a few on a regular basis.  Not only have I learned so much from them, but they often offer discount codes for high end brands!

TJ MAXX AND NORDSTROM RACK -I love TJ Maxx!  Nordstrom Rack is basically the same concept on a bigger scale.  You can get deep discounts on everything!  You never know what you are going to find.  Their inventory changes quickly, but I think that is part of the fun....the hunt!

OUTLET MALLS - Outlet malls are very much the same as TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.  Lots of good surprises as a deep discount.

LOOK FOR AUTOMATIC COUPONS IN THE BEAUTY AISLE - Some items will have a sticker attached to them or a tear pad sticker on the display.  Always keep your eyes open for these!

DON'T FORGET THE CLEARANCE AND CLOSEOUT ITEMS - Always check these aisles first.  I know that Target puts makeup on markdown on Fridays.  Sometimes the makeup is with all the makeup in the correct slots, but some of it is also on end caps in the health/beauty section.

YOU DON'T NEED EVERYTHING - This is definitely a good tip for me!! I love makeup, I truly do.  For me, it isn't a vanity thing.  It's a hobby, just like scrapbooking, knitting, baking, gardening, etc.  My husband and son will say, "why you putting makeup on we aren't going anywhere??"  Because it is a hobby that I enjoy doing.  When I was in Junior High and High School, I spend numerous nights home, just practicing with different techniques and looks.  Plus, I am a bit of a collector, and I have a beauty blog.  But at the end of the day, I don't need EVERYTHING!!  I won't even use everything more than once or at all.  I may just end up giving it away.  Not everything is a necessity.

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