Friday, January 29, 2016

Beauty Trends For 2016!

Before I get into the trends of the new year, I want to make a bit of a disclaimer.  These are the trends that you will see more of this year.  I am not saying that you have to do this and stop doing the bigger trends of years past.  I feel that makeup, fashion, hair, etc. is just a creative way to express yourself and how you feel that day.  It shouldn't be taken so serious.  I don't care if something has been "out" for 20 years, if you love it and you feel good wearing it, then do it!  I know that I wear what I want, when I want, and how I want, because that is what I like.  This is just a guide of a few things you could try if you want to update your look and try out some current trends.

-  Glowing Skin:  I am so glad this is a huge trend for the year!!  As I have said before, I am NOT a matte kinda girl.  Not a fan of the matte lips and skin, and we saw so much of that in 2015.  It was like every foundation and lipstick that came out during the year, was matte!  I love the J. Lo glow, and think it makes the skin look healthy and youthful.  I have some glowy foundations like L'Oreal True Match Lumi, and I also like Maybelline's Super Stay Better Skin Foundation.  It has a fresh looking luminosity that isn't too much.  If you need to use up your more matte foundations, try adding a liquid highlight to it, like NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator or L'Oreal Lumi True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator .  Looking for a good powder highlight?  Try Mac Soft and Gentle for a more natural look, while Becca highlighter in Opal and The Balm's Mary Lou Minizer is great for a more dramatic glow.

*I did this look almost 2 years ago.  I used NYX Born To Glow mixed in with my foundation.

-  Bangs or Fringe:  I did not realize that this was going to be a 2016 trend when I cut my bangs in December, but I can see why it is!  I think that bangs can give a more youthful appearance, but are also very versatile.  You can push them back with a headband, twist and pin them to the side, wear them straight across or part them to the side.  I love having options with my hair and looks, and that's exactly what bangs provide.

-  Vibrant Lips:  The past several years, nudes have really been the go to color for lips, but this year the trend is a little more daring.  Vibrant lips, especially reds, are making a statement.  Pair them with a neutral eye look for an updated, yet not overstated look.

-  Bronzer:  Bronzing isn't a new trend, but I think you will see more bronzing than some of the harsh contour that we have seen.  When deciding on a bronzer, pick a shade that is close to what your natural tan color looks like.  Sweep it across the high points of your face, where the sun would naturally hit your face.....forehead, cheeks, and a little across the nose.  You will instantly look  healthier and like you just returned from vacation.

-  Blue Eye Makeup:  Yes, blue eye makeup!  I picture a bad 80's look with big, bleached blonde hair, hot pink cheeks, and electric blue eye makeup as far as the eye can see!!  That is not the look that was hitting runways for this year.  Cobalt blue is the blue of choice.  It has been used to create a smokey eye or to just add a pop of color on the lower lash line.  For a long time now, if I want to add color to an eye look, but not feel overpowered by the color, I do a neutral eye with brown or black liner on the top lash line.  Then, I throw a liner of color on the bottom lash line.  It is just a fun little update you can do that is quick and easy, and great for a night out!

*Another look from awhile back.  I have black liner on the top lash line and turquoise blue on the bottom.

Pink & Peach Eye Makeup:  I love this trend as much as glowing skin!  Pink and peach eye makeup really gives a soft, natural, feminine, pretty, youthful look.  No matter your age or skin tone, this look can work for you.  Just try to choose a color with the same undertone as you.  For example, if you are a warm undertone, pick a pink that leans a little towards coral.  If you are a cool undertone, pick one that leans more purple.  I love using pink and peach in a monochromatic makeup look.  Beauty and fashion is all about knowing what works for you....your skin tone, body, hair type, face shape, and bone structure.

*I did this look over the summer.  I not only did all pink eye makeup, but I did a full face monochromatic look.  I used the UD Naked 3 palette, which is a beautiful rosy pink palette.

Hair Accessories:  I love hair accessories!  I think that add so much to a look without being overdone.  The 1940's is my favorite era for many reasons, but I really love the makeup and fashion of the time.  It was feminine, simple, and not overdone.  Women of that time did not wear a lot of makeup, but they did spend a lot of time creating more intricate hair styles, and they were not afraid of a little embellishment with their hair looks to really pull an outfit together.  From a pretty head band to a hair clip or a flower, you can really create a pretty look that stands out in a crowd.  I especially love fancier hair accessories for a wedding, prom, or special occasion.

I enjoy doing these posts, because I think that everyone needs a little update sometimes or just a few ideas of something fun to try.  Have fun with it and don't take it too seriously.  Wear what you like, and don't be afraid to try something new!!

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