Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My February Favorites!!

These are products that I continually reached for all month long.

-  L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation 

 I have been wearing this foundation nonstop since I got it!  My skin is pretty normal right now, so it has been great.  It has light to medium coverage.  I build it up to medium.  I am in the shade W6.  There are many shades to choose from in warm, cool, and neutral undertones.  If you would like to see my full review, Click Here!

-  Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks (Nude Line) - Blushing Beige and Stormy Sahara 

 This is a newer line to their very popular color sensational brand.  There were really only two colors that I was interested in, and I ended up loving these shades.  The blushing beige is definitely the lighter of the two.  It has a bit of a peach to it.  Reminds me very much of a Kim Kardashian nude.  The Stormy Sahara, is deeper, has more of a brown tint, but not dark at all.  My mom and I both own this and like it, and she is a red head.  I think it is a universally flattering color.  I like to top both of these with a nude gloss, like Victoria's Secret in Mocktail and Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Puttin On The Glitz.

-  Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer - Bronzed & Chic

I have been loving this bronzer, and haven't used another since I bought it.  It is great for contouring, because there is completely matte.  It has four colors, ranging from light to dark, so you can swipe your brush over all four or just the lighter or darker shades.  Because I have a tan now, I use more of the darker shades, but it is nice to be able to customize the color, for what works best for you.  I have absolutely no complaints!

-  Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush - Coral, Mauve, and Deep Bronze

These are a great two in one, blush and highlighter.  It is perfect for everyday use, and I have used it most of the days that I have worn makeup.  I like all of the colors that I have purchased, but I think the coral is my favorite.  Pick the color that works best for your skin tone, and you won't be disappointed.  They are a little pricey for a drugstore blush, but worth it in my opinion.

-  NYX Pore Filler

I first purchased this in November or December, but I wasn't impressed.  After using it more, I have really come to like it under my foundation.  One of the reasons I didn't care for it is because it seemed  oily.  It just needs to be shaken before application.  It really does help fill in my pores around my nose and forehead, especially when wearing my L'Oreal Lumi Foundation.  The dewy finish can accentuate pores, if you have them.  Use it more in a patting motion, as opposed to rubbing it into the skin.  NYX can be found at some Targets and Ulta.

-  Live Love Dew Body Wash - Lavender

I reviewed this product recently, and went back and bought the lavender scents.  Because I typically workout in the evening, that is also when I shower.  It is so calming and relaxing to use this after a long day.  I follow it up with my Lavender Vanilla Body Butter, Vanilla Lavender Love Potion, and a hot cup of tea.  Such a relaxing feeling at the end of my day!  You can purchase these products and more at livelovedew.com.

-  Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Kiss

I have full lips, and in the winter I always need to keep something hydrating on them, or they get very uncomfortable.  I love Nivea products!  I use this during the day, and before bed.  It gives shine,  smells great, and is very hydrating.  I have used this product every day this month!

Have you recently found a great product?  If so, let us in on it by commenting below.
I hope everyone is having a great week!

- XOXO Monique

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