Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review - ADORAtherapy "Smart" Mood Boost Collection

As most of you know, I have psoriasis, eczema, and extremely bad allergies.  I love fragrances and perfumes, but I have to be very careful, because some will break me out into a rash.  When I was approached by Beauty Stat, to test and review this new aromatherapy scent, by ADORAtherapy, I was delighted!  Their products are natural, and made with a blend of essential oils, that have mood boosting properties.  If I could have a better mood, by simply spraying and smelling this fragrance, what's not to love?!

I knew that by using essential oils in their products, I would not have an outbreak, but how does it smell?  The ADORAtherapy Smart Mood Boost Spray, is a balanced blend of lemon and grapefruit.  It has a light, clean, and refreshing scent.  It is not strong or overpowering in any way.  I immediately notice that I am more awake and alert, which is no small task for me!  I'm not the best sleeper, and tend to get very drowsy during the afternoon.  This scent perked me up, and made me feel like I could accomplish another task.  And if you ask me, that is better than turning to caffeinated beverages or energy drinks, for a mid day boost!  ADORAtherapy has even been featured on Dr. Oz's YOUbeauty website, as "Aromatherapy that really works".

Adoratherapy has several different lines.  Their Chakra Boost, which includes 7 roll on scents, their new Good Mood Boost, Stress Free Boost, Passion Boost, and the new Gal On The Go Mood Boost.  Gal On The Go Mood Boost, has 7 mood boosting sprays for the woman on the go.  Spray these anytime you need that extra "Boost"!


If you pledge a certain amount today by going to their Indiegogo site by clicking HERE, ADORAtherapy will send you the following prizes

Pledge $5 or more - "Adore Yourself" wristband made of 100% silicone.
Pledge $15 or more - Gal On The Go Mood Boost in your choice of 7 scents
Pledge $30 or more - Travel & Office Good Mood Boost 
Pledge $35 or more - Gal On The Go Mood Boost Spray & Screen Printed T-Shirt
Pledge $45 or more - Gal On The Go Mood Boost Spray & Two Tone Deluxe Tote Bag

*I was not paid for this review.  This sample was provided courtesy of BeautyStat.com  These are my honest opinions.

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