Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Spring Trends - Beauty & Fashion

To date, my 2013 Fall Fashion Trends post is the most popular post on my blog.  I can take a hint, so I thought I should do the same for Spring 2014.  Even if all of these trends aren't for you, try one or two.  Try something you wouldn't normally go for, and have some fun!!

-  Soft Berry Lips
I love a deep berry lip in the fall and winter.  This spring we are still sticking with the berry color, just a softer, more muted version.  For a softer berry color that is still moisturizing, try berry in a lip balm.  Cover Girl, Jordana, and Revlon all have great berry balms that I love wearing.  Pretty color and very comfortable to wear.

-  Bright Orange Lipstick
I'm glad this trend from last year is sticking around.  One of my very first makeup looks that I posted was with a bright orange lip.  I used Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin. With this look, I like to keep the eyes simple.  Let the lips be the statement.  A little eyeliner and mascara is all you need.  This simple, yet dramatic look is also great when you are in a hurry.  You look pulled together with minimal effort.  To see the post I did of an orange lip, Click Here!

-  Cat Eyes
I LOVE a cat eye, always have, so I'm glad this trend is sticking around.  They can be very tricky to execute though.  A few of my your eye makeup first.  When you are finished with the eyeliner, dip a Q-tip in makeup remover (not oil based), and use it as an eraser.  You will be able to get your flick with a straight edge and sharp point.  Another tip, use scotch tape at the corners of your eye.  Yes, scotch tape!  Take a small piece, and stick it to the top of your hand and remove a time or two to get some of the stickiness off.  Line the tape up at the corner of your eye, and use it as a template for the liner.  Once removed, you will have a flick with a straight pointed edge.

-  Glowing Skin
Everyone has a preference as to what type of skin finish they prefer.  This year a dewier look is the trend (think Jennifer Lopez).  You can get this look several ways.  Use a dewy finish foundation, such as L'Oreal True Match Lumi.  Use a highlighter/illuminator, these come in powder or cream form.  Last month, I purchased and reviewed The Balm's Mary Lou Minizer and Benefit's Watt's Up.  You can also get the look by using a dewy finish makeup setting spray.  NYX and Urban Decay both offer dewy sprays.  To see my review on the Mary Lou Minizer and Watt's Up Click Here!

-  Low Ponytails
Such an easy pulled together style with minimal effort!  I have always found the low pony to be the chicest.  Another trend for this low hair accessories!

-  Side Swept Bangs
This bang has been on trend for awhile, but this year's is a bit different.  The part is set even farther to the side.  It parts around the tail of the eyebrow.  An inch or so in placement makes a big difference with the look.  Try it out for an updated look.  It's just a part, so if you don't like it, there is no commitment.

-  Soft Waves
These waves are meant to look effortless, like you just rolled out of bed and look fabulous.  Wouldn't that be nice?!!  If you are looking for a styling tool to achieve this look, try a large curling wand.  Curl away from your face, and let the curls cool.  Then, finger through them to get that effortless look.  A texturizing spray or cream, can give you that piecey undone look.

-  Platinum Blond
Just like jet black, platinum blond can be very hard to pull off.  For many it can be too harsh, but for some it lends itself to an angelic and sexy look.  When I think of platinum blond, I always think of Gwen Steffani or Marilyn Monroe.  If you are daring and wanting to try this color, spend the extra money and go to a salon.  You definitely need a professional to get the color just right for you.

-  Pretty Pastels
Pastels always remind me of spring, they feel fresh and feminine.  If you tend to shy away from pastels, don't do it from head to toe or with a big floral pattern.  You can pair a top with a neutral bottom, or just use it as an accent color with an accessory or nail polish.

-  Wide Leg Trousers
HALLELUJAH!!  I have always loved a wide leg trouser, so these are never out of style for me!  I think they are so flattering, especially for us pear shaped girls.  To me, they are the classiest of all cuts and they tend to look dressier.  When pairing a top with this pant, look for something more fitted.  You don't want to look wide from top to bottom.  A fitted top, especially when tucked in, will cinch in your waist and the pants will glide over your butt, hips, and thighs to give you a long, lean look.  Pair these with a heel.  You can't go wrong!!

-  Boxy, Cropped Jackets
This is another trend where you need to think about the proportions.  Since this is bigger on top, pair it with a slim fitting t-shirt, and pants that don't flair.  A straight or skinny leg would look best.  Add big earrings or sassy pair of heels and you look super stylish for any occasion!

-  Tea Length Skirts
Oh, the tea length skirt.....I LOVE THEM1  I have always believed that I was born in the wrong time, so I couldn't be happier with this trend.  For me, they scream sophisticated and lady like.  The lady like of a different, simpler time.  I have old pictures of my beautiful grandma in the 50's wearing tea length skirts and fancy tea length dresses.  Her wedding dress was even tea length!   I hope this trend really takes off, and I start seeing the class of another era!  Pair these with a high or kitten heel, and you'll be the most elegant looking woman in the room.

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