Monday, December 9, 2013

Health Tip Of The Week - How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

So, the holiday's are here and everyone is busy trying to get everything done.  I do not go to a lot of holiday parties, but I know many of you do.  Between the parties, extra food at work, Christmas shopping, and more time commitments, it is very hard to keep on your routine.  So, here are a few things that I have found help me when my routine or time commitments change.

1.  Look at the week ahead and figure out where you can fit your workouts in.  It doesn't matter if it is a different day or time than usual.  It also doesn't matter if you don't have a full hour to devote to your workout.  30 minutes is a lot better than 0 minutes!

2.  Before heading out to a holiday party or event, have a healthy snack or small meal at home.  Don't walk in starved from going too long without eating, otherwise you will be consuming so many high calorie, high fat, sugar and salt laced foods.  If you aren't starving, you will make much better choices.

3.  Drink water!  That is always a tip of mine before eating any meal or snack.  Our brains cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst.  So, always drink water before eating.  Sometimes you will find that you were just thirsty.

4.  If you are bringing a dish to a party, take something healthy.  Few people bring a healthy option to a party.  Some people won't appreciate it, but some really will.  There are always plenty of crappy options, so at least there will be one good one.

5. Limit your alcohol intake.  There are so many calories in alcoholic drinks, not to mention the sugars as well!  Go in with the mindset of limiting your beverages.  Stick with one or two, and you won't have the guilt or hangover in the morning!

6.  Watch those food pushers!!  We all know them, and we all have them.  You know what I'm talking about.  Food does NOT equal love.  Just because Aunt Sally made her award winning apple pie, and Uncle Tom made his world renowned pumpkin roll, does not mean you have to have a piece of every dessert on the table!  Saying no or having a small bite instead of a piece is not disrespectful nor does it mean that you don't love them.  It means you are respecting yourself by not giving into the pressure of eating just to be nice.  I've been there and done that.  I've even eaten high calorie foods that I don't even like!!  Afterwards I feel horrible and have to work out extra hard to burn those calories.  Believe me, it isn't worth it!

7.  Just say NO!  You can't do everything for everyone all the time.  Do what you can without stretching yourself so thin that you and your family end up being the ones paying for it.  The stress can lead to over eating, and the time commitment will keep you from your workouts.  Again, not worth it!

8.  Keep packing your lunch and bringing healthy snacks to work.  I was always amazed by how much junk food was circulating around the office on the holidays.  It just seems to be a constant, day in and day out.  Pack a healthy lunch and snacks to keep you full and on track.  Avoid the areas of the office with the junk, if possible.

The holidays can be hard for many of us.  The bottom mindful of your choices and commitments.  Don't overextend yourself, and don't put yourself last on the to do list.  You are important, and you are a priority.  I hope all of you have a wonderful, healthy, stress free holiday filled with family and love.
                  -XOXO  MONIQUE

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