Thursday, December 5, 2013

November Purchases & Review

1.  L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss - 258 Berry Chic, 256 Raspberry Flush, 258 Rosy Demeanor, 162 Blushing Berry
I LOVE These!!  My husband accidentally found 3 of these on clearance for $1.50!  I loved them so much, that I went back and bought another color.  I knew of these, and heard they were good, but my thought was - Do I really need another lip gloss?  I have so many lip products.  That answer is YES, I really do NEED these!  They are not a typical gloss.  The best way to describe them is a hybrid between a gloss and a lipstick.  The colors are much more saturated, more like a lipstick, but they shine like a gloss.  I do have to say, some colors are more opaque and pigmented than others.  They are not sticky, but they do have a thicker consistency than a gloss.  They feel very comfortable and moisturizing, which I love.  If you want a more opaque gloss with high shine, you will love this one!  Sometimes, I wear these alone, and sometimes I wear them over a lipstick.

2.  Ciara Perfume By Revlon
I started wearing this perfume when I was 14, and I have been wearing it ever since.  How many people wear the same perfume as a teenager, and a 36 year old woman?  That's how much I love this stuff!  It is a musk, but has a sweet undertone.  I am very picky about my perfumes.  I don't like anything real sweet or florals.  I stick to clean scents and musks.  This is the perfect feminine musk, in my opinion.

3.  Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundaion Stick - 230 Natural Buff and 340 Cappucino
I did a full post review on this.

4.  Maybelline Fit Me Blush - Deep Wine
This is my first Fit Me blush.  They come in 3 categories....colors for light, medium, and dark skin.  This shade was in the dark category, but I loved it, and knew it would go with my skin and coloring.  It is a great plum shade for fall!  Don't put limits on yourself with makeup.  If you like a color and think it will work, try it!  You have nothing to lose.  Just keep your receipt so you can return it if it isn't for you.  Most drugstores will take back cosmetics that didn't work for you.  High end lines will as well.  Just ask their about their return policy.

5.  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes - 635 Blackest Black
This mascara was new for me.  I have used the original voluminous, but it has been years.  I liked the original, but I am always trying new things.  This one is great!  I have to say, it is one of my favorite mascaras that I have EVER tried!  The formula isn't too wet, and it does an excellent job lengthening and volumizing.  The first day I ever wore it, my mom said to me - What lashes are you wearing today?  She couldn't believe that they weren't falsies!  Now, I do several coats...4 on top, and 2 on bottom.  Another thing I love about this mascara, it doesn't flake or smear on me, but it washes off so easily.  I usually have the hardest time getting all my mascara off.  Your lashes don't get hard and crunchy either.

6.  Profusion Twinkle Twinkle Eye Shadow Palette - Purple Palette & Neutral Palette - These are the palettes that I found at Walgreens.  They release many during the holiday season.  They were only a dollar, and include five shadows.  I did looks with both of these palettes this month, and they look came out great!  You definitely need a good base.  I use the Maybelline Color Tattoos.  These keep the look from fading and creasing.  These are great palettes for beginners or to try some new colors, without spending a lot of money.

7.  Profusion Neo Perle Eye Shadow Journal Set - Palette of Purples and Pinks - I got this palette, because I loved the colors, soft to dark purples and pinks.  Like the other Profusion Palettes, I used a color tattoo as a base.  These eyeshadows did very well.  They gave me the look I wanted, and they lasted all day, with my base underneath.  The colors are really pretty, and I don't think that anyone would have believed that I used a 2 dollar palette!

8.  Mukluks "Miranda" from - This is my very first pair of Mukluks.  I have worn these 5 or 6 times, and every single time I do, someone stops and compliments me on them.  They are like a long knitted sock, that is very stretchy and comfortable.  Even if you have a wider calf, these should fit and be comfortable.  I wore these recently to a concert where I was on my feet for several hours, and my feet never bothered me.  They have memory foam, and are very comfortable.  I love them!

9.  Giraffe Print Scarf from - This is my first purchase from this site, and I am very happy with it.  It is very long, and a thinner material, but still very warm.  I wore this with my Holiday Look & OOTD post.  This site has clothes and accessories.  I paid only $7.95, and had free shipping. (The pic below shows scarf and the mukluks)

10.  Iphone Wristlet Wallet from - I had been wanting something easy that I could stick my essentials in, such as my debit card, ID, and cell phone, for when I am running to my son's school or the grocery.  So, when I found this for around $10, I was happy and thought that was a great price!  First of all, my shipment was 5 days late.  I think it got lost for a bit at the shipping facility.  I ordered it in black, but when it arrived, it was silver with a black zebra like pattern.  That is fine with me, but it isn't what I ordered, and they didn't even show that option on the site.  Also, it isn't good quality.  You can tell it is cheaply made.  I'll use it till it falls apart, because i does the job, but I wouldn't recommend buying one of these from this site.  I'm a little reluctant to order anything else.  If you have ordered from them, please leave a comment and let me know how your experience was.  Maybe I just got unlucky this first time around.

11.  Cover Girl Define A Cheekbone Blush - Refined Rose - I have talked about these blushes before.  I started wearing them in high school, but I had never bought this color before.  I like this shade just as much as the others.  These are so great, because you get a contour, highlight, and blush color all in one palette.  I think it is a great all in one, if you are just starting/learning to contour.  Contour girl, it will change your life!!

12. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Cherries In The Snow - I have heard one of my favorite youtube beauty girls talk about this lipstick so many times, that I really wanted to try it.  I love the Revlon Super Lustrous line, but I only wore red for the first time this past 4th of July.  I've always wanted to do a red lip during the holidays, and winter months, but just wasn't sure how I felt about it on me.  I have to say, this is a great color!  It isn't so red, that all you see is lips, but it is still a statement for sure.  This line is so comfortable and moisturizing on the lips.  I am so glad I made this purchase.  I also wore this lip in my Holiday Look & OOTD post.

13.  Maybelline Eye Shadow Single - Nutmeg - It is not easy finding matte shades at the drugstore.  I have a few of these singles, and I have always liked them.  They blend well, and are great especially for a daytime look.  With any eye look, I prefer to use either all mattes or a combo of matte and shimmer.  All shimmer can just end up looking too much, unless you are going for a dramatic glittery look.

14.  Monogrammed Plaque - I have never included household items before, but I really wanted to talk  about this one.  I have seen many plagues before that I would love to have, but my home is very contemporary/modern.  The plagues that I always see only lend themselves to country or primitive decor.  So, when I found out about a new business that customizes to your taste, I was so excited!  You can pick the sign size, color, pattern, saying or quote, or as I did, have it made with your family name.  I got mine with no distressing, so it would be more contemporary.  The colors matched my home perfectly, and I am so happy with it!  I figure if I have always been on the hunt for something like this, than other's have as well.  They do all types of customizations, not just signs.  If you are interested in looking at their products or placing an order, you can go to or you can call 740-727-3656.  They accept paypal and credit card.  They will also ship to you.

I hope everyone had a great, relaxing, stress free Thanksgiving!  With the holiday's coming up, take some time for yourself, and try a new holiday look! I would love to see some pics :)

                                                                                                  -XOXO Monique

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