Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Behind These Hazel Eyes - Best Eye Looks for Hazel Eyes

And last, but not least, in the eye color series is hazel. Hazel is such a unique color with so many different flecks of light and dark, that they can vary dramatically. They often change with the seasons and your wardrobe.  Women with hazel eyes, have so many color options available to them.  Most of the colors that work for brown eyes will work for you as well.

Metallics-  If a dramatic eye or smokey eye is what your after, look for Metallics in shades of  dark brown, gold, sunflower, sand, wheat, and purple.  All of these colors will accentuate the highs and lows of your color variation.

Neutral-  If you are in search of a neutral everyday eye look, that doesn't overpower you, look for shadows in brown, beige, taupe, cream, dark green, and pink.  Gray and black can also enhance hazel eyes, just make sure you don't overuse these colors for daytime.

Best Colors-  Shades of purple such as lilac, lavender, violet, plum, and eggplant really showcase a hazel eye, because of the contrast.  Use a purple liner for even more impact.  Brown, pink, and dark green are always great choices as well.  Just be cautious of blue shadow.  It's really the only color that can come off too strong.  With so many choices, try a few different looks to find what you like best.  Mix and match your colors.  Your beauty will be sure to stand out!

Below are some techniques of applying shadow for your eye shape.

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