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Review - Live Love Dew - Whole & Natural Skin Care and Home Products

First, let me give you a little back story on this local, home based company, that I found about two years ago in Grove City.  It was started by two friends, Lori and Crissy, who wanted safe, natural products for their family and friends.  All of their products are natural, formaldehyde free, paraben free, and alcohol free.  Most of their products are also gluten free or can be made that way.  They do offer fragrance free skin care.  If you opt for fragrance, all are phthalate free.  They also offer products that are fragranced with essential oils from plants.  There are no dyes or colorings, other than natural, so they are especially good for sensitive skin.  I had used a few of their products previously, but none of which I am now reviewing.  I just received these a week ago, and have used them every day since, morning and night.  If you read my blog, you probably know that I have psoriasis and eczema, and take very good care of my skin.  I started a skin care routine when I was eleven years old, so I have tried many products.

Intense Dew Face Cream

A new Live Love Dew product, that I was very anxious to try.  While I have sensitive skin, I also have oily skin.  I like a thicker night cream, but not so heavy that it is greasy or uncomfortable on my skin.  I apply this immediately after cleansing, before bed.  It feels hydrating on the skin, but not oily.  When I wake in the morning, my skin feels soft and moisturized. I have dry lips, and I love applying this cream to my lips as well.  I used to use a lip balm, but this has taken it's place.  The scent is very natural smelling.  I can't exactly place it, but similar to a eucalyptus scent. I also had my mom try it to get a feel for how it performs on a completely different skin type.  She has quite dry skin.  She really enjoyed it as well.   I am picky about moisturizers, and I absolutely love this one!  This isn't just a product that I would purchase, it is a product that I would hate to be without!

Sheer Dew Face Cream

Another new Live Love Dew product, that I was eager to try.  I have always moisturized every day, before applying my makeup.  Even though I have oily skin, I know how important moisturizers are.  I do require something that isn't too heavy, because I don't want to look like a grease slick or have my makeup slide right off my face.  This product's consistancey gives me the right amount of moisture for my skin type.   I use four pumps, and apply it to my neck and face, as I do all moisturizers.  It feels very soothing and comfortable.  I also enjoy that it has a pump, because I know exactly how many pumps I need, so I have the perfect amount every time.  I'm not squeezing a bottle, and accidentally getting too much product out.  Another product that since I have tried it, I would hate to be without it!

Body Butter

This is a new product to me, but not to the Live Love Dew line.  The first and only body product that I had tried was their Whipped Aloe Shea butter.  When I started using this butter, I had two psoriasis spots on my left leg.  They get very red, scaly, and itchy.  After the first use, the itch was gone, and now a week later, my spots are almost gone altogether.  I do not use prescription drugs or creams, this was the only product I was using, so I know for certain that this product helped me.  Anyone who has psoriasis or eczema knows how painful it can be, physically and emotionally.  So, to find an all natural product that works is a relief!  I got the unscented version, but you can get a fragrance, if you choose.  They have many choices, as well as essential oils, that can be added.  This butter is the thickest that they offer.  You will have to rub it in more than the Aloe Shea butter, but it will keep you moisturized all day.  I never applied it more than once a day, and it relieved my itch, and it never returned.

Am I saying that if you have these skin issues, these products will cure you?  No, I'm not.  There is no cure for eczema and psoriasis.  You can have an outbreak at anytime, and it can be provoked in many ways.  What I am saying is that this is my skin, this is what I used, and this is how it has helped me.  And if it can do this for someone with my skin type, it can most definitely benefit the average customer.  Another important fact, because they are natural, they can be used on all the members of your family, even your little ones!

Lori and Crissy, offer a large product line, from skin care to roll on perfume, bug spray, and home scents.  They have just recently launched their eye cream, as well.  You can find their products locally at Simply Vague at Tuttle Mall, Celebrate Local at Easton Town Center, Human Touch Day Spay and Salon, and Salon C and Day Spa, in Grove City, Ohio.  They will soon be at Kirk's Farm Market, Deja Vue Boutique, in early October (off state route 665), and Simply Vague, at The Polaris Fashion Place, in late September.  They frequent many area festivals, and also do special events in our area.  They will also host home parties, for your friends and family.  If you aren't in the Columbus area, they are more than happy to ship products right to your home.

I am so happy that I found this company, and have gotten to meet two hard working women, who provide a great service to other women and their families.  I hope this review has given you some insight into their products, and how they work.  Because of the quality, I am sure that you would be happy with whatever products you choose.  If for some reason you aren't, Live Love Dew will correct it, to ensure your satisfaction. You can find Live Love Dew at:

To contact:

Lori - 614-313-3697

Crissy - 614-378-5232

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