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Review and FOTD - Maybelline, Revlon, E.L.F., Jordana, Profusion

I never tried any of these products before, and have used them several times over the past week.  This is the look I created.  My products up for Review are:

- Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

-  E.L.F Baked Shadow- Dusk

-Pofusion Color Me Glow Eye Shadow Palette

-Jordana Easy Liner for Lips- Baby Berry and Tawny

-Revlon Super Lustroous Lipstick- Berry Haute

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Before I start my review, let me say this, foundation is a very individualized preference,  and everyone has different skin conditions and needs.  Some want light coverage, some want full.  Some have dry skin, some have well as everything in between.  Some want a dewey finish, and some want a matte.  First, let me tell you about my skin, and preferences.  I have oily skin.  It was normal/oily combination skin, until this summer.  It is super oily right now.   I prefer a medium to full, buildable coverage, and a satin to matte finish.  

I wore this foundation three times, because I wanted to give it a fair shot.  When applying, it blended easily.  I used my new Sigma Flat Kabuki - F80 brush (I will review it soon).  The first layer was light coverage.  I applied a second layer, and it built up to medium coverage.  You will not get more than a medium coverage.  The color was good for me.   It wasn't heavy, and it was quite natural.  You could still see some of my freckles, and skin coming through, which is fine with me for an everyday foundation.  The problem - I looked like an big oil spot in an old parking lot!  I powdered and powdered and powdered again.  I was worried that I would get cakey, but I just didn't want so much shine!  The above pic was taken right after I powdered for the third time.  You can still see some shine, but I could live with that, and don't mind that look.  I spent the day running around with my family.....dinner, shopping, etc.  I checked my skin in the mirror in the car, and I was NOT happy.  I was oily again!  Plus, I could see pores, and all the yuck that I didn't even know I had!  It was like a magnifying glass.  As oily as it was, it didn't seem to slip off or move, but I have always had my makeup last all day.  Even without a primer, which I didn't wear that day.  I wore the Fit Me Foundation two more times with the same results.  Fit Me is oil free, so I'm not sure why it is so oily on me.  Is this foundation horrible?  Not necessarily, it just wasn't for me or my skin type.  If you have dry skin, and only want a light to medium coverage with a dewey to satin finish, it's worth a try.  If you have oily skin, want a full coverage or a matte finish, you won't be happy.  Fit Me offers 18 shades, and has SPF 18.  It retails for $7.99.

A closer look - It actually looks much better in the pictures, than it did in person, especially as the day went on.  If it stayed like this, I would have been happy.

E.L.F. Baked Eye Shadow - Dusk

This is not my first E.L.F. product, but it is my first E.L.F. eye shadow.  There were four or five colors in total.  There was a beautiful plum/burgundy, and the rest were neutrals.  If you are new to baked shadows, this is how they work.... you can wear them wet or dry.  Wearing it wet will give you a much deeper color.  The dry will be more of a wash of color.  You can wear it dry on your lids, and then wet it, and use it as a liner, if you like.  Or you can use it wet for liner and shadow.  I wore mine wet, and used it as the liner.  I love this shadow!  I think it's a gorgeous color.  It does have shimmer in it, but it isn't a glitter.  It had a soft blendablility.  This shadow is very versatile, and can take you from a day look to a night look, with just wetting your brush or applicator.  I see myself using this a lot.  I now want all of the colors!  I bought this at my local Target for $3.  Yes, 3 DOLLARS!  You can also purchase these online at

My swatches - the top one is dry, while the bottom is wet.  You can see how different they look.  It's like 2 shadows in one.

Profusion Color Me Glow Eye Shadow Palette

I have used these Profusion palettes before, but not in these colors.  I originally found these around Christmas time a few years ago.  I hadn't seen them since.  They do sell all types of cosmetics at Christmas, but these palettes are the only thing I have tried.  This is a great little palette.  The color pigmentation varies from shadow to shadow.  They all have shimmer in them, but I just love all the colors, and looks that can be created.  It's a fun palette to have.  I have only heard one person talk about these, and I thought it needed a little more attention.  The kicker.....this retails for 99 CENTS!  You heard me right!  If you are looking for some new colors to try or just need an inexpensive everyday palette, give it a try.  I don't think you will be disappointed.  Don't be a high end makeup snob.  There are so many affordable and high quality options at the drugstore.  I have only seen these at my Walgreens.

As you can see, the pigmentation varies, but I did not do heavy swatches at all.

Jordana Easy Liner for Lips- Baby Berry and Tawny

I went to Walgreens specifically to pick up these lip liners.  Walgreens is the only store I know of, or have in my area, that sells the Jordana brand.  I love their Best Ever Mascara, and I have heard quite a few of my beauty girls from Youtube, speak very highly of them.  The Baby Berry color is a pink/plum, and Tawny is a brownish nude.  I was very disappointed.  The color wasn't very pigmented, and it was waxy.  It didn't glide on the way I wanted it to, and when I filled in my lips with it (I outline and fill my lips in to prolong my lipstick), it really didn't work.

I had to go over these swatches many times to get the color deep enough to show.  

Here are the same swatches with another liner I have been using below it.  This is Rimmel Exxagerate -   Enchantment.  You can see that the bottom color is more pigmented, and creamy.  I only had to go over this swatch twice.  

After taking pics of my swatches, I went in my bathroom, and with soap and water tried to wash them off.  The Jordana liners washed off immediately.  I scrubbed the rimmel liner with a wash cloth, and I still couldn't get it all off.  It is now 24 hours later, and you can still see a faint line of the swatch, and I showered today.  I wore this liner today under my Mac lipstick.  I lined and filled in my lips with it.  My lipstick lasted for several hours, even after eating lunch.  I had to wipe my mouth with a napkin to actually get it off.  I am so impressed with this Rimmel liner!  I didn't plan on talking about it, but wanted a comparison to show how poorly the Jordana liner performed.  

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Berry Haute

Every girl has a preference as far as lipstick or lip gloss.  I wear both, but prefer lipstick.  I like a creamy formula and prefer a creme or matte finish, provided that the matte color isn't drying.  I have bigger lips, that get dry easily.  Glosses tend to slide off easily, and I don't like the sticky part.  Now, that my hair is longer, it gets stuck in my gloss as well (a problem I haven't had in years).  I got this color in preparation for fall.  It's my favorite season, and I love to wear burgundy/deep purple.  This color is definitely more purple.  This is my first ever Super Lustrous Lipstick.  Shocking, I know.  I don't know why I never picked one up before.  I love this lipstick.  It is everything I look for.....creamy, beautiful color, hint of shine, and comfortable on the lips.  When I line and fill in my lips.  I get a long lasting color.  I have tried many other types of Revlon lipsticks and glosses, and I have never been disappointed.  They know how to make a great lip product!  This line provides a whopping 82 colors in four finishes....matte, pearl, creme, and shine.  They also have a Super Lustrous Lipgloss line.  I have tried those, and I like them as well.  They are not sticky.  Revlon just recently released a Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick, that I haven't tried.  Need to pick one of those up soon.  I bought this shade at Walgreens.  They retail for around $5.99.

If you have been thinking of purchasing any of these products, or were curious about them, I hope this review helped.   I'll be seeing you soon with more reviews from my last haul.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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