Thursday, August 1, 2013

Determining Your Face Shape and Hairstyle

With fall quickly approaching, many women like to change their look for the colder months.  Before you do something on a whim, that you may regret, consider your face shape.  Then, you can determine what style best flatters you.

Oval- This shape is considered the ideal shape.  It is slightly narrower at the jawline, then forehead, and is roughly 60% longer, than it is wide.  This face can essential have any hairstyle, but pulled back off the face is super flattering.  Celebrities with this face shape: Jennifer Anniston and Cameron Diaz.

Rectangle/Oblong-  A common shape that is 60% longer than it is wide, and it can be angular (rectangle)or rounded (oblong) at the hair and jaw line.  With this shape, you need a style that adds width.  Short to medium length hair is most flattering.  Longer hair will make this shape look longer.  If you are a rectangle add soft curves, to minimize the sharp lines.  Celebrities with this face shape: Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwenyth Paltrow.

Square-  The square has a strong jaw line, and hair line.  The proportions of height and width are ideal, but the sharp lines need to be softened.  Short to medium length hair that curves at the forehead and jawline, with volume on the top and sides, is most flattering.  Celebrities with this face shape: Demi Moore and Geena Davis.

Round-  Most women consider this shape undesirable, because it is often confused with having extra weight. This shape is 60% longer vertically than horizontally, with the forehead and jaw line having rounded lines.  The most flattering styles have low volume on the top, and long straight sides to create longer lines.  Avoid chin length styles.  They cut you off at the chin, accentuating the rounded face and jaw.  Celebrities with face shape: Christina Ricci and Lisa Rinna.

Inverted Triangle/Heart This shape is wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin, but probably have ideal horizontal and vertical proportions.  Choose a hairstyle that minimizes the wide forehead, such as bangs, (blunt or side swept) and add s volume in the length to make the chin appear less narrow.  Celebrities with this face shape: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tyra Banks.

Triangle- Opposite of the inverted triangle, this shape has a wider jaw line and narrow forehead.  Create a style that has fullness at the forehead and taper the volume at the jaw, to make it look narrower.  Shorter styles with layers at the top of the face is a flattering look.  Avoid long full styles and center parts.  Celebrities with this face shape: Geena Davis and Kathy Ireland.

Diamond-  this shape is often misdiagnosed, unless it is very pronounced.  It is a cross between a heart and oval .  This shape has a narrower forehead and jawline, with wide cheekbones.  It is balanced and the most dramatic of all the shapes.  The diamond can wear most any style, including short.  Celebrities with this face shape: Sophia Loren and Katherine Hepburn.

If you are having a hard time determining your shape:
-Use waves and curl to minimize angles
-Use curl to add width where your features are narrow
-Add height and length to short or round shapes

Below is a diagram to further help you determine your shape

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