Saturday, August 3, 2013

You're My Brown Eyed Girl - Best Eye Looks For Brown Eyes

I have decided to start a series on shadows that flatter all the eye colors, and since I'm a brown eyed guessed it, we are starting with you brown eyed beauties!

A common misconception among brown eyed girls, is that their brown eyes are boring.  When I was young, I was less than enthused about my eye color for the very same reason.  I always heard that brown eyes could only wear earth tones, like brown and green.  So, I envied the blue eyed girls.....notice I said "enviED."  Actually, brown eyes are the most versatile of all eye colors!  Unlike those with some other eye colors, you can wear shadows the same color as your eyes.  Also, because brown is a neutral, it also goes with pretty much any shadow you can find!  Because you can wear any color on the color wheel, choose shades that coordinate with your skin tone.  If you are cool, pick cooler shades of that color.  If you are warm, pick the warmer shades. ( I recently did a post on undertones, so check it out if you don't know yours).

Metallic Tones-  If you're looking for a little drama, maybe for a night out, try some metallic shades in gold, bronze, brown, and pink.  Your eyes will be sure to stand out!  Metallics are also a big trend for fall 2013.    

Neutral Colors-  For a more natural look, that is great for daytime, select browns, taupes, and peaches.  Pair these colors with brown eyeliner for a natural look, or black for a more intense look.

Best Choices-  Shades of blue, brown, plum, gray, gold, nutmeg, and violet.  With so many choices, you can't go wrong!  So experiment with these colors, to find your perfect look.  Have some doesn't have to be so serious!

Below are some techniques on application for your eye shape.

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