Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review - Sigma & Real Techniques Brushes

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

This is my most recent brush purchase, and my first Sigma brush.  After hearing so much buzz about this, I thought I needed to give it a try.  Up until six months ago, I applied my foundation with my hands.  I really enjoy using brushes, and would never go back to using my hands.  The F80 has synthetic bristles, and a flat, dense construction. These super soft bristles glide over the face so effortlessly, and give the skin a beautiful airbrushed looking finish.  I love this brush, and am very glad I purchased it.  It is worth the money, in my opinion.  You can buy Sigma brushes at sigmabeauty.com.  It retails for $18.00.

Real Techniques Core Collection

This is my second purchase from Real Techniques.  I found out about these because of two youtubers I watch.  Their channel is called pixiwoo.  They are sister makeup artists, Nic and Sam, from London.  They are the first beauty girls that I started watching, and they have taught me a lot.  So, when Sam started her own brush line, I was eager to try them out.  The first brushes that I bought, were the expert face brush, and the blush brush.  I was so pleased with those, that I wanted more.  The brushes that came in this collection, are (from left to right) the contour brush, the pointed foundation brushes, the detailer brush, and the buffing brush.  The contour brush, I do use for contouring, but you can use these brushes however you like.  All of them can be used for applying different products.  The contour brush can also be used to set your under eye concealer.  the small pointed head fits nicely under the eye.  The pointed foundation brush, I don't use for foundation.  I use it to blend my concealer.  The detail brush can be used on a small area that needs precise application, such as smudging eye liner, doing a cut crease eye look, or as a lip brush.  The buffing brush has many uses as well.  It works well as a foundation brush, powder brush, or to blend out any harsh lines on the face, that can happen with blush or contour.  Try your brushes in different ways.  There are no rules with these.  Everyone has different face shapes, and brushes can be very versatile.  All brushes are synthetic and super soft.   You get a high end brush, without the high end price.  I bought these brushes on amazon.  The previous brushes, the blush brush and expert face brush, I bought at ultra.com when they had a buy one, get one half off sale.  You can also purchase at realtechniques.com.  They retail for $17.99, and also come with a travel case.  Don't underestimate the importance of high quality beauty tools.  They make a world of difference! 

When using brushes, always remember to clean them properly.  You can get a lot of build up and bacteria on them, that can lead to breakouts or skin irritations.  I clean mine once a week, and have an E.L.F. cleaning spray that I use in between washes, for a quick refresher.  If you want to know how to clean your brushes, I posted about it last week.  It is quick and simple.  

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