Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

We are heading towards fall.  In fact, it feels as if it may be arriving early! I'm sure you have started thinking about a few new wardrobe pieces, but what about hair?  You don't want an updated wardrobe without refreshing your hair, do you?  If you're daring, opt for a new color or cut.  If your not ready for a dramatic change, try a new style that you wouldn't typically wear.  It's only hair.  If you don't like the style, just brush it out, and start over.  Maybe these trends will give you a little inspiration.

-  Slicked Back Hair (the wet look) -  While hair is wet, use a firm holding gel or mouse and brush back.  If you want a more relaxed version, like the bottom picture, try a hair paste, and apply at roots.  With this look, all the attention is on your face.  Take advantage of that by playing up your favorite feature.

-  Wide Black Head Bands - I wear headbands all the time, because I have bangs and layers.  It is a quick, easy way to do an updo, without all the fuss.  Notice, this year, they are being worn to cover the top of the ear.  Again, with this hair back style, your features will be the focus.

-  Braids - They aren't just for little girls anymore!  They are chic and stylish.  There are so many styles of braids, that you can't go wrong.  If you have shorter hair like I do, braid your bangs to the side, and pin, or braid strands on each side of your temple, and pin in the back of your head.  Such a quick and easy style.  Braids go great with a boho chic look.

-  Low Pony Tails - This low pulled back version is a modern, more grown up pony.  It can go dressy or casual.  If you want a little bump in the back for some added volume, section the hair, back comb with a teasing brush, spray with a volumizing hairspray, and then smooth the top layer of hair over the teased section, gather, and tie back.

-  Bangs (side swept and blunt) - Side swept bangs have been around for some time.  Last year, we saw a huge trend for the blunt bang, and they are still the trend this year.  If you would like to try a bang without the commitment, try a clip in.  I have seen them at Sally's and Ulta.  You can also purchase them online.

-  Big Hair - This isn't the big hair from the eighties, that we all remember so fondly.  This style is soft, sexy, and voluminous.  With this look, try a root spray and volumizing hairspray to keep it from going flat.  Use a large barrel curling iron, and curl the hair vertically, and away from your face.

-  Sleek and Straight - This super straight style has been around for some time now.  Use a straightening iron, from root to tip.  Make sure you use a heat protectant spray, and finish the look off with a creamy anti-frizz product, and a touchably, soft hairspray, that will allow the hair to move.

-  Punk - A fun and bold look that is confident and stylish.  The key with this style, is a great cut that creates the texture and depth that you need.  If you don't want to dye a section for some dramatic color, buy a clip in that can be worn whenever you want.  A texturing cream or paste is an essential for this style.

-  Carefree (easy & free flowing) - A casual, no muss no fuss look.  You can use a straight iron or small curling wand with this style.  Another style that needs texture and separated pieces.  Use a texturizing cream, and a hairspray with a soft, touchable finish.  Another look that pairs well with a boho style.

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